Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mac tech-grab suggests future iPhones likely to be waterproof and ruggedised

Do you think our iPhone is tough enough? Apple's phones are in many ways the best erected handsets on the market – but these are definately still prone to damage from normal water, dust and shock. A lot of the several we see on pub tables common have a cracked screen or products home button.

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Well, it seems like that could be set to change. Apple has requested a patent that would toughen moving up weak points in its mobile devices – presenters, microphones etc . – with intelligent mechanical shutters. When sensors discover the phone is falling, pressure making calls is increasing or perhaps the presence of normal water, these shutters would slam finished and protect the openings along with damage.

Currently, Apple attempts to reduce the weakness of openings merely by protecting them with mesh or which makes them very small, but shutters could allow them be larger: something which could imply wider speaker openings, for instance. More expansive speakers openings could mean higher audio performance, so there's more the anti-damage angle here.

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