Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Designed for patients undergoing chemotherapy "hair jewelry": Tangible Truths

First of all, I would like to tell a little story about hair. 2012 night before surgery, hospital, Barber, my waist-long hair quickly into a bald head. Finished shaving the moment, only the head remains inside rough ~ from hair loss, associated to the loss of life. (Well, patients are very fragile and a fancier drops)

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I told my mom that well my hair. Rehabilitation after think this thing is after six months, my mother calm reply ~ ~ sold. I the to ~ ~ I want to use it as my souvenirs of one Sen to fight to keep it forever. Shrugged off my mom ~ ~ souvenir, you think long hair can look at the skulls?! (This story never lies, it is my personal experience)

Yes, it is a mess. However, the Berlin architect Sybille Paulsen was able to change "" to "". He designed the hair jewels, is said to have chemotherapy, cases for people. Marc by Marc Jacobs phone case

When he decided to do this thing, and have launched a group called the "Tangible Truths" project: encourages cancer patients to cut hair before chemotherapy, and patient personality, for its hair cut to create jewelry. These jewelry as necklaces, handmade, each making more than about two weeks. These ornaments can Sybille Paulsen hopes wishes aside hopes to give patients during treatment to maintain a good state of mind. case Marc Jacobs

Maybe these ornaments did not help patients survive, but the hair on, for a patient, and it would be less frustrated. It's not hypocritical, that is the heart of a pastor.

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