Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Ministry of environmental protection Northeast 11 tables of city air pollution

The Ministry of environmental protection: Northeast 11 tables of city air pollution index burst, Harbin, Daqing, suihua's worst

On November 4, Heilongjiang Harbin haze weather, during the worst of the morning on the day visibility less than hundred meters. Architectural square in Harbin is shrouded in haze. Dongfang IC

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Ministry of environmental protection, from November 3 to 5th, one after another, suihua city, in Northeast China, Harbin city, Daqing, and baicheng city, songyuan city, Changchun, Shenyang city, Liaoyang, Anshan, Yingkou, and Dalian in 11 cities such as AQI (air quality index) hour values up to 500, including Harbin, Daqing, suihua city pollution is most serious.

4th, peak PM2.5 concentrations of a number of cities in North China, Baoding City as the most polluted city in the region, to serious pollution.

November 2-5th and continuing heavy pollution weather process in Northeast, North, morning of November 5, the deployment environment Minister Chen Jining again held a special meeting to deal with work, timely response measures, strengthen supervision and supervision.

Zhao Yingmin, Deputy Minister of the Department of environmental protection agency that coordinates, Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other provinces (autonomous regions) Government leaders, stressed that timely contingency plans implemented emergency measures to minimize the impact of air pollution.

On November 2, under the influence of adverse weather conditions, widespread pollution in Northeast China and North China areas, maximum impact area of 380,000 square kilometers and 630,000, respectively, the polluted area covers Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei province, Shanxi province, Liaoning province, Jilin province, Heilongjiang province and other 7 provinces (cities).

PM2.5 composition of heavy pollution in the Northeast weather monitoring results show that coal, biomass combustion and emission source is a major contribution to PM2.5 pollution in Harbin, characteristically than landfilled mass respectively, and 20%. PM2.5, Shenyang coal and motor vehicle emissions are the main contributing source. Hebei first girl after being bullied hit persons

In Beijing and the surrounding areas of analysis shows that nitrate is still the most important component of PM2.5, show that motor vehicle emissions remains one of the main sources of pollution in Beijing.

At present, the Ministry of environmental protection has been sent 12 inspection teams to Tianjin, Hebei province, Heilongjiang province, Jilin province, Liaoning province, Shandong province and other key areas of heavy pollution weather emergency inspection, with emphasis on supervision and implementation of local emergency plans, relevant departments of the Government and its work, enterprise implementation of heavy pollution weather emergency plan, as well as air pollution emissions.

Inspection found that, first, some local governments enough emphasis on heavy pollution weather response. The heavy pollution, a number of serious pollution of the city, but emergency response time, response measures are not in place, there is air pollution emission anomaly in 39 companies, allegedly exceeded. Straw burn-ban is the second responsibility is not fulfilled. Satellite remote sensing shows that straw burning fires in Heilongjiang province reached 415, 83% per cent of the country. Inspection found that the sui speed Hulan 404 km to 421 kilometers zhaodong and Wu Zhen, Li Mingzhen, ginger town, zhaodong town, Bayan County, Xinglong town large areas on both sides of the highway in the burning straw. Third, emergency information to implement are not in place. September in Harbin on heavy pollution weather emergency plan carried on the edited, but the inspection found that in addition to small businesses as required to complete the measures amended, other stops, limiting the list of enterprises that are unclear and do not understand.