Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getrude and Juliet

As we launch the author's latest Impact Report, the Kenyan research team decided to turn a new tables and interview some of their mates to explore how the data they pull together from the field is being used internationally. Getrude and Juliet, Research Colleagues based in Nairobi, share their investigations with you.

Our work involves selecting people by telephone, in person , by any other means for the main intent being monitoring our progress. We talk to customers who have bought the pavimentar lights, head teachers who function distributors, people in areas where a new programme team haven't yet went to to understand their situation, and even individuals who heard about the lights from others who live nearby but did not buy the lights in order to the reasons why and learn if they would be interested in buying to purchase one in the future.

The research is actually by different departments in SunnyMoney and SolarAid to show the breakthrough we have achieved in terms of reaching the author's goal to eradicate the gasoline lamp from Africa by 2020. Recently we had the chance to interview many of our colleagues at SolarAid as well as , SunnyMoney to find out more on how the research can used to help us move close to our goal.

Richard Turner may perhaps be the Chief Fundraiser at SolarAid. The guy explained that: "From your research we have to hear hundreds and hundreds of stories showing how customers are benefitting from their pavimentar lights. They provide compelling evidence of which the funds raised by the charity has been able to reach very many people, that will help them all. " Richard described which the data we send is used to credibly demonstrate how funds are used inside the charity to impact on people's tasks.

Linda Wamune is the SunnyMoney Procedure Director in Kenya and your loved one's role is to manage the process activities. She uses the information any of us collect to understand the local markets any of us operate in, listen to customers' reviews on pricing and to plan replacement strategies for selling solar powered lights. Your explained that "research analysis honestly helps to design the marketing materials and plans" that help SunnyMoney sell more solar lights and obtain more people.

Tessa Kipping the business Partnerships Manager at SolarAid makes up00 fundraising and managing our relationship while having corporate sponsors. She explained which the data and stories we harness are important to her work:

"Supporters ordinarily are not interested in what I say – that they deem available for your bad credit range, which would be what they are willing to hear real life impact stories inside the people on the ground. The stories a person will collect from our solar garden light customers convey all the statistics to life and are reasonably inspiring. I have never worked to order charity that has such a strong intimate relationship with the people they work with. "

Charlie Miller is the Head pointing to Programme Funding and Policy as well as emphasised the importance of social impact legends for informing policy makers along the importance of off-grid solar power where verve grid expansion is not practical. The guy commented that "two years ago SolarAid was not well known but now SunnyMoney will be the ones biggest distributors of solar lighting and appliances in Africa, well-recognised as industry experts in last mile distribution as well as , demand creation. Our work could possibly be recognised by the Ashden Awards, a new Google Global Impact Awards plus the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards" as well as emphasized that winning these won't have been possible without the evidence any of us collect.

Through speaking with our mates we have been amazed to learn how the studies we collect every day is used to get such important decisions in the enterprise and even for trying to influence suggestions at the international level. Our seek helps in tracking not only success provides you with shortcomings or setbacks so that with any luck , think about how to resolve them as well as , achieve our goal. As patrons of the research team we feel completely grateful that it is worth doing these interview because it is possible to see how another one interview with a customer not only allow that one person tell their history, but can also help to influence suggestions that could help a thousand people and up.