Sunday, December 14, 2014

Maximum Kickstarter Campaign Ever "Coolest Cooler" Announces Upgrades, Pushes Back Yacht Date

Upgraded 20V Rechargable On lithium Battery. The engineering team carries upgraded the original NiMH battery using rechargeable lithium polymer battery (LiPO) so it lasts longer, charges faster so works better.

Kaidaer BDL-KD05BT Bluetooth Speaker

Upgraded Custom Bluetooth Channel. A custom-made Bluetooth Outdoor Channel with dual drivers, 5-watts, with a resonator plate for as much largemouth bass, volume and clarity. Plus, one specific Bluetooth 4. 0 Party Putting feature let's you stream favorite tunes from one phone to two speakers to about 30 feet apart!

Upgraded Food processor. The Coolest's built-in, 20 voltage ice-crushing blender will power through the 6 gallons of blended added advantages on a single charge.

Upgraded Accessory Player. The original front panel left personal phone and speaker exposed. At this instant your speaker, phone, keys so wallet are safely secured so hidden from view in the Accent Deck compartment.

Upgraded Materials. A lot of materials on the Coolest will be lots more high quality, from upgraded tires, deeper stainless steel hinges, a new magnetic champagne bottle cap catcher, and more.

Upgraded Efficient. They have tested thousands of blend menstrual cycles optimizing the battery/motor/blender combination plus it will work year after year. They have increased heat insulation and reduced rolling resistance.

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