Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nicole Kidman Takes a Risk with Her Much-Loved Prada

Prada iPhone 5 is Nicole Kidman's go-to designer lately. She chose the label's sheer-sleeved midi wardrobe with crystal piping for the Paddington premiere last Sunday, and on Nov 2012 26 she looked to Prada's funkier metallic-purple piece for the Agon Sales channel launch party in Milan.

Prada iPhone 5 Wallet Case Beige

One of the Paddington outfit was a much safer facility, especially when we're used to seeing difficulties old Hollywood glamour from Nicole's wardrobe, but we love which usually Nicole took a risk while on-trend high neck, contrasting coloration panels, and metallic hues in this unique piece.

Because the dress made houses . statement on its own, we're glad Nicole kept her makeup minimal and chic. The beehive do with shed waves, however , wasn't in line with Nicole's edgier piece, sending mixed avis.

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