Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Man accidentally knocked down the coffee, and then becomes a painting

Cattle people is is cattle people, that certainly is has truth of, although said efforts can solution this world Shang probably 90% of problem, but left of that 10%, is not sweat can get of--this a into, on need cattle people, or said talent, like, some people bulk with step son on can pregnancy, again like said, some people down cup coffee on can painting into painting, and I day sat in balcony Shang hold has a morning, write down also still like is dog planing......

That's life, so I admire the Giulia Bernardelli--Yes, she is the one that uses ingredients such as coffee, honey who paints: we did not find this 27 year old Italy girl photos, but thought she should be as fresh as grass, smell like grass ~ after received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Bologna, she has been working at a museum.

And she is draws of these works, has a common of theme called "accident"--in real began zhiqian, she does not will on works has planning, she may just in drink a cup coffee, and or just in dip with honey eat a bread, but suddenly Zhijian, dang coffee or honey dripping desktop, inspiration on will at first glance now, will these without eyes of stains into paintings. aluminium iPhone 6 bumper

Well, you asked a question: what do girls use? With her brush it? Haha, that's a good question, girls sometimes painted with a spoon, sometimes directly with your fingers--this is you and me and the differences between cattle, Giulia, everything can be painted, can also be used to draw.

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