Monday, January 11, 2016

61 year old President of Xiamen University demonstration straight up parallel

61 year old President of Xiamen University demonstration

Xiamen University President Zhu chongshi to encourage physical exercise, live demonstration on how to exercise at the Office.

Straight-leg brace for 25 seconds, a record from Xiamen University President Zhu chongshi comprehend.

A few days ago, a Zhu chongshi sport in school Assembly shows standard straight leg action photos quickly spread on social media, and principal's good arm strength in praise of numerous.

On January 10, @ Twitter Mountaineering Association of Xiamen University said, "President Zhu chongshi live show straight up 25 seconds, encourage everyone to exercise! Also confirmed the development of extreme sports, mountaineering, called for the establishment of sports risk management system. "Twitter picture, President Zhu chongshi propped up on a Chair on the handle with both hands, legs straight, straightened, looking calm.

11th, Xiamen University to outpourings of news (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed the incident, 10th in the school sports meeting, Zhu chongshi routinely done to address the General Assembly, referring to the lack of current University students, faculty and staff are also less involved in exercise, he pointed out that one problem is that physical education teachers and students did not become a necessary element of life, does not become a habit.

Live video display, said Zhu chongshi, a student, the teachers teach parallel bars, there is a very simple straight leg brace, stomach stretch, is that each student will. However, I heard that people who make this movement can now rate remains high. To encourage teachers and students to actively participate in physical exercise, he moved to the Chair, personally, have a straight leg scene. Who hyped Olympiad four cups in school against

Straight leg rely mainly on chest muscle bottom and the triceps and deltoids, requiring strong strength in waist, even young students can hardly keep the stunt.

Principal show this hand has produced a total of teachers and students, began clapping to the principal counts. Results, Zhu chongshi just turned 61 years old birthday last month on the podium before and after about 30 seconds of straight-leg support. And he's not too happy with, feeling "against the old".

Zhu principals, but this one has stunned University teachers and students, and many users. On January 10, the public university student "University youth" author of the straight leg support without pressure, the history of the MoE opening hang Zhu President you deserve! , Saying that "before and affable image, principal Chu showed his aggressive side, it was University President Putin in the great".

President Zhu's good arm strength and gain users praise sound, "thought the principal old Kirin arm so strong! Old blush ";" to adhere to the 30 seconds has a very ";" University principals better across borders, from the economy to the legal, across to the sport! "Ugh ugh some netizens joked Zhu principal standards of the actions," it is a PE teacher to teach ".

Public information, Zhu chongshi was born in December 1954 in jianou County, Fujian province, doctoral students, since 2003, has served as the President of Xiamen University. According to the Xiamen daily reported Zhu chongshi often riding a bike, walking to and from work in schools, and swim in the summer, he is a sports fan.