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Car how to manage the Internet

On May 3, a 24 year old woman using a certain brand of Shenzhen provide Rideshare service unfortunately has been the driver of robbery and murder, the police finds that the use of license plate was forged. Nanshan branch of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau in charge of supervising the case under the micro-blog, Netizen said: "audit vulnerability is so big, you should immediately stop using the car platform. "This event happens in the Ministry of transport will soon announce new review revised network booking taxi service of the interim measures for the Administration ahead of car, car-sharing platform by the user's question, also from a supervision – police traffic Department and pressures in the transport sector. On a policy level, as a Manager for the Ministry of transport "network about" lack of understanding is still in the original, speculation, judgment finds that special train services into the mainstream of urban commuting. Instead, I seen a policy about the expansion of bus service opportunities through the use of car platform expansion of Government-led transportation hub connecting services.

Special appointments and Government-led urban transport whether there is a fundamental contradiction?

Current car coverage the highest step in the world, shot a new ad, "moving the way of the world". Once the traditional sense of "taxi demon city", because of the rise of mobile phone software, traffic is more diversified and more reliable. Whether you're in Jaipur, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Hanoi, Yantai, Montreal and Washington, DC, a mobile application can call to the same standard, fair-priced car, which is good for the global traveller. Similarly, for urban residents, whether international or local travel platform, expand the number of local residents commute options, ranging from "the people" to "drop ride" and "car in Shanghai suburbs" dazzling advertisements called car platforms, provide more choices but also exposed security loophole in the policy.

A widely held view that, car service the rapid expansion and poor, inefficient public transportation services are directly related to, the higher the level of public transport services, you will be negatively correlated with the rate of expansion. In Beirut, Rafik-Hariri International Airport had was States visitors called "taxi black hole", price of black driver, and no unattended of arrived platform, and panic and helpless of passengers common caused in this seat to late Lebanon Prime Minister named of national portal of traffic received connection dilemma, airport also not provides any bus service, into city of taxi funding may from 25 dollars to up to 50 dollars ranging, passengers also needed risked was more bit driver changed hands of risk ride not by regulatory of vehicles. The Lonely Planet, a traveler's Guide sold worldwide, even suggested that tourists arrived at the Beirut airport to walk 1-kilometer, aboard the airport bus, just like at the Dalian zhoushuizi international airport, city buses cannot be in front of the terminal station, but routes are infinitely close to the airport. However, starting in 2015, announced steps to global expansion into Beirut from Hariri airport to the city's "UberX" price is fixed at $ 15, includes all additional costs, car platform not only provides reliable, international airport connecting, even solve the Lebanon authorities are deeply offended by black country.

Car how to manage the Internet?

Just like Beirut, car platform to make up for the lack of variety of urban public transport, but also may increase the problem in the Government sector: now requires layers of screening of licensed taxis are replaced by private car, a smart phone and a cheap car can "pick up" vehicles not regulated not only unsafe, expensive taxi management fee is also missing. In Beijing, government departments seem to have found two doses of medicine to improve bus efficiency against the "illegal operation" about car platform, trying to improve the efficiency of urban transport and the competitiveness of local licensed vehicles.

Car how to manage the Internet?

Last July, the Beijing bus group opened the first 10 "fast direct line" bus service, for the morning and evening peak, connecting downtown office space and residential areas outside the city, there are also some direct line main Metro feeder brand in Beijing, long slept on city delivery to residential areas around MTR passengers, average rates higher than bus prices multiple times. 5 months later, Beijing decided to expand the service to 75 routes, adding that direct line "average daily passenger volume has reached more than 7,000 passengers, depart daily average 400 times" and now, similar to the line more than 100 in Beijing. Also in 2015, a question of car industry development of Beijing News quickly to seize media attention: Beijing will vigorously promote only by the Beijing Municipal traffic Commission certification of "first steam about a car" service, provided by relying on State-owned first automobile group, Beijing vehicles, competition and new car platforms. In May this year, capital auto market in Beijing 1600 hybrids, and is being expanded to other cities in the County, the first steam expansion target for the year is increased to 5,000 special car.

Car how to manage the Internet?

Flagship custom services but the Government does not appear to be a valid ending competition from car platform. "As both referee and player" is a criticism of Baoshan district, Shanghai City Government, similar to the practice in local government transportation policy development is not hard to find the traces. To Beijing proposed of fast direct bus line should car platform challenge of practices for cases, first, fast direct bus service from essentially against has bus is Government subsidies service of property, both of Shang hundreds of fast line road in the, some line directly drawn the bus line St of vehicles, again after modified line brand and card equipment, input new open line of fast line road operation, but vehicles daily of maintenance costs with remaining vehicles with from government subsidies, satire of is, Fast designed line of fare General is General bus of 3 times times above, to Beijing city average attendance high, and between East sand the Zhuang and Metro days pass Yuan North Station of "fast direct line 11 road" for cases, phase more with to driving of 430 road, fast designed 11 road of card fee for 3 Yuan, and General bus card ride only charged 1 Yuan, these line to ease traffic pressure of name opened, actually is in and people race Lee, and occupied valuable of government subsidies and public traffic resources. Secondly, the fast direct line and time illogical, short boards cannot fundamentally solve the Metro shuttle bus. Still to "fast designed 11 road" for representative, the line in Metro days pass Yuan North Station start of bus time for 19:20, than General bus early 3 hours, and precisely is in Metro tail shuttle Qian, and evening bus interval increases of time paragraph in the, car demand fast increased, fast designed line and General bus face passenger is unmoved, blindly pursuit achievement, led to line design and actual passenger needs gap is far. Instead, in some public transport group strength to promote the super long line on the road, few passengers, "18", "Fast 50", such as "sleeping city" and on the district line, number of passengers per bus and even unable to fill every car seat. In Beijing as the representative of some larger cities, Government-led most of the customized bus, directly to the service, is not sufficient to attract car users, on the contrary, bus services of high-end, aristocratic, privileged, and ignores the fundamental principle of public service should be to meet passengers ' demand, instead of source to the opposite-the illegal operations of urban public transport vehicles.

Alta Monte spring experiment

On March 21, United States, Florida, Orlando suburb of Monterrey, Alta Springs announced that car orders to all within the boundaries of the city subsidy, each stroke of 20% costs be paid by the Government, if the trip starting or ending in Orlando Florida commuter-rail station in the metropolitan area of the city (SunRail), each trip also will get a 25% of government subsidies. In the United States, subsidies rather than confrontation is a fresh attempt for the Government, after all, not far from downtown Miami, in Miami International Airport is always illegal. Despite most government institutions on o, Tower cast special Springs city of attempts to holding suspected attitude, this seat is located in Orlando Metropolitan area of small city still expression has managers of optimistic attitude: these bus received connection of especially was is should government sector pay solution, but now has has excellent step, Government can spent more less of money reached past same of purpose, passengers ride get subsidies of car, also equivalent to using has Government provides of public traffic service, while Government has power gets car data, then further analysis district within of passenger composition and flows And even help run commuter railway to adjust figure, why not?

In subsidies excellent step service yiqian, this items traffic funds originally will was used to subsidies a was Florida traffic authority denied of "flexible bus" service, passengers using software or call facilities about car, bus according to needs generated path will passengers transport to commuter railway station, then upgrade the railway of attendance, reduced not necessary of since driving travel, also help government subsidies of bus service and excellent step, about car platform competition. "Smart buses" and Beijing-led "fast direct line" and "customized Shuttle" are very similar, which is based on the demand for Internet users and by the representative of the national people's Congress opened, and about car platform from increasing competition. Alta Monte Springs gave up this plan, subsidies once the Government's "eyesore and the Thorn" – step, according to estimates, "smart bus" service requires State Government investment of $ 1.5 million, subsidized services would take only one-third price can provide the same services as public service, more flexible.

Car how to manage the Internet?

At present, Government subsidies for car shuttle service in North America is still in trial operation, specific data is not known, but to be sure, this is a law enforcement and illegal operations involved a win-win project. Management illegal operation vehicles has been is troubled China local Government of law enforcement process, especially in large residential of Metro station near, "black" replaced public traffic, stress station and residential community between knit of people, in "black" driver focused on interests painting accounted for Metro station of site Shi, managers depending on these passenger and opportunities for dirty live, and especially, only value and achievement linked of "added bus mileage", and "has road no car sections mileage", and "each hundred km passengers", data, Ignoring macro-level coordination of buses and special trains parallel cooperation may, on one shoulder, assault law enforcement trying to turn that around, only exacerbated illegal operations and Manager between the opposing forces. Regardless of you live in Beijing cottage, and Shanghai nanxiang, and Guangzhou Panyu, most Metro station mouth of received connection traffic was disappointed, black or walk is between metro station export and community between of choice select, some subdistrict offices took opened has "battery short connection" service, attempts to fill public service of vacancies, claimed for passengers provides "reliable of Metro station received connection", but these service most not continued, and battery can as public transport road form is not clear, subdistrict offices itself also need judge, cannot " Wind is the rain. " North taipingzhuang, Haidian District, Beijing Street, between jishuitan subway station, solve "the last 1-kilometer" shuttle car battery only runs in the opening month to maintain high density, a few weeks later, this line exist only in stagnant water pools on the bus stop next to the station. Marketing has always been the invisible hand adjustment between supply and demand, when feeder behind tries to occupy the moral high ground, kidnapped consumers, passengers often choose to refuse to vote with their feet.

Car how to manage the Internet?

Conversely, although the traditional "black car" service loose and difficult to control, by special train platform as a "middleman", shared economic original black income open, illegal operators are not only responsible for car rental companies, and to comply with government sectors delineation of the scope of operations to strive for higher subsidies and higher yields. Meanwhile, the step represented by the car platform, and its subsidies government subsidies the specified range operating system interaction, when the driver order reaches a certain number to activate the higher rewards, feeder rail transit passenger flow in subway station located within edge coverage, drivers are willing to answer the short form, fast. Liquid dispersion, Shuttle passengers, but to regulators, operators, employees and passengers that brings benefits, but at the moment, regulators also as shuttle service for the chicken, tasteless but wasteful, is in terms of traffic unable to reflect the achievements of wasted effort.

I believe that, in the Government platform, car and limousine drivers in the triangular relationship, by importing a feeder service to government subsidies, this triangular relationship has become more dependent on each other, mutually. Car platform absorb vehicles settled, help Government upgrade public service level, increased employment opportunities; Government sector using policy guide car platform requirements driver in Government Ordinance, and subsidies range within provides service, established car service of reliability; car driver while in Government and car platform of regulatory Xia, in provides of time paragraph, and provides of locations using vehicles maximize subsidies returns, also using car platform of subsidies rules, further triggered more high of award lines and not need additional pay labor. Not only that, the Government subsidy agreements reached and car platforms, you can directly get the car platforms and analysis of large data flow components-as Alta Monte Springs Municipal Government did, through the analysis of the data, helped to coordinate the subway, car and bus share of rationing, and achieve the purpose of assistance to passengers quickly and efficiently.

Car how to manage the Internet?

True, "first steam car", regulars of rise is not completely and people race Lee, formal car relies on reliable of vehicles qualification and performance attract tourist, passengers through venture initial period of various offers activities, to low price took car, seems is mutual win mutual, but only in venture initial period, this "virus type marketing" only will regardless of profit, and wantonly expansion, with through burn money, and squandered Government funds to combat black service, than established can continued of certification mechanism, put formal car of standard extends to all car platform.

This winter, I observed an interesting phenomenon in New York City: all cell phones car platform using the specified models, the vehicle registration, drivers are prominently placed in the car driving and business licenses, this is different from other North American cities. Taxi and taxi Association (Taxi and Limousine Commission) is the management of dial-a-bus, car service in New York City Government agency, now under the guidance of TLC, all within New York City limousine practitioners need to accept Security background and medical examination after obtaining special driver's license, clearly marked on their car for car license plates bearing the words before they can order. This led the Ministry of transport, China and "special regulations" there are similarities, but drivers are not required to participate in a Government-led transport enterprises of New York City to obtain a license, on the contrary, after assessment by the Government, drivers are under government supervision, and Government oversight is the umbrella--passengers passengers cannot always rely on the self-discipline of State-owned enterprises.

Car how to manage the Internet?

Our government regulators apparently did not realize that standardized business behind the limousine service, the end of 2015, I take the car from Line 13 of the Beijing subway station along the line to the Northwest, and then connect the Haidian prosperous areas and "mountain areas", managed by the railway companies in Hong Kong Subway Line 16 on line are still under construction, drivers way silence, the red light, he turned to me:

"If transportation management check up, you say we are familiar with. " 9 questions throughout a woman s lifetime 5 best

I did not answer, cars speeding in factory road-a contact Haidian Hill residential area and urban roads in the West two flags, smog in the building on the right-hand side reads "Haidian, Beijing municipal public security and traffic administration transportation detachment."

"You know, not sweeping a metro station live, dangerous, tonight on this list, on a form. "He stared at me in the rear view mirror for a few seconds, look nervous.

Ten minutes later, sitting in the House with fresh air, newsfeed, "December 26, 28th Beijing bus group new adjustment 29 routes." After reading, I think that before the new Metro, their services also rely on illegal operations.

(The author of Cao Ren studied at the University of California San Diego, Department of political science, personal email: )