Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shaanxi Sheng feng Chairman of dairy was hurried loan exposure suicide suicide

Shaanxi Sheng-feng, Chairman of dairy was hurried loan exposure suicide, suicide note saying the Bank

On May 25, San feng Quan Tianlin, Chairman of the dairy industry in Baoji hanged himself. @ China business daily Area exceeding the maximum load as much more than

Baoji, China business news, June 2, on May 25, San feng Quan Tianlin, Chairman of the dairy industry in Baoji hanged himself, he has referred to "prompted the Baoji dairy industry grow."

In Baoji well known "little cow" yogurt carries the memories of a generation, and this "little cow" from the breast. But in recent years, shengfeng dairy was in the corner.

Police: suicide, but suicide is unknown

The night of May 30 to June 1, multiple financial official Micro-Blog said: local people familiar with the bid, because the Bank called the loan much tighter, Shaanxi Sheng Feng Quan Tianlin dairy boss had to loansharks is outside, while banks are committed to repaying to renew a loan, but with usurious Bank loan, banks stopped lending. Hurried loan issued by the Bank into usury, forced by high interest and collection letter credit pressures, Quan Tianlin committed suicide.

The morning of June 1, China commercial news reporters from Fufeng County Public Security Bureau confirmed that Quan Tianlin is hanged. May 25 at 8 o'clock in the evening, police received alarm shengfeng dairy employees, said Quan Tianlin on lost, embankments of the Weihe River Road near the family found it after the ride vehicles and bodies.

Fufeng County Public Security Bureau official, Quan Tianlin Buick driven by a small bag inside the trunk, the family found a suicide note in it, suicide amounts to 4 rows, 23, says: "cattle farm to my life, agricultural development Bank, and I hurt everyone, to the world. "(Note text without punctuation)

"We can only determine Quan Tianlin was hanged, suicide, we don't know. "The official said.

Insider: shengfeng dairy business difficulties, lending at least 38 million Yuan

Local people told reporters, shengfeng dairy is a joint-stock private enterprise, Fufeng County, formerly known as days of town right to the West Village, a village-run enterprises "cereal protein factory" into today's breasts before and after 1998, when Quan Tianlin is the Director. 2000 years later, shengfeng milk industry had entered a stage of rapid development. In 2004, Quan Tianlin became Chairman until 2012, shengfeng dairy industry is booming, Quan Tianlin in Fufeng County, became a very prestigious private entrepreneur, but Tian Lin is the right fight, they are trouble, he often contemplative, Fufeng County, in reputation. Thus, Quan Tianlin committed suicide, they are surprised, feel very sorry.

The people familiar with the matter said, in recent years, shengfeng dairy due to operational difficulties, the ADB loan of 18 million Yuan, is likely to lend to other banks, in addition, Quan Tianlin resorting to borrowing, borrowing the amount of 20 million Yuan, the largest single sum of 3 million Yuan.

Older workers: suspension of 3 months wages, factory production

Yesterday (June 1), located in the town of Fufeng County, Jiang account shengfeng dairy shrouded in fog, previously attached to the outside wall above the "flower beef" yogurt and other posters has gone missing.

Plant, who is almost 7 years old workers ' right to know teacher talks about Tian Lin about the suicide, tears. He said, now 59 age of Quan Tianlin on workers very good, 2013 before and after, Enterprise appeared business difficult, no people willing to again buy "small spent cattle" has, had to to bank loan, Quan Tianlin character stronger, courage to play, "but this not he a a people of thing, not should a a people Dan with, should everyone with trying to, he how can......"

Right said, they have a suspension of salary for 3 months, but as usual in the plant production, Quan Tianlin move to borrow money before the incident.

China commercial news reporters interviewed several employees at random, we have added praise to Quan Tianlin. Workers of the plant in touch leadership shows reporters here, were declined.

ADB: shengfeng dairy embezzled more than 7 million yuan in loans

Yesterday (June 1) afternoon, the reply Fufeng Agriculture Development Bank of China Branch, "said ADB Chairman the right to kill" with the facts, in credit risk screening in the first quarter of this year revealed that the dairy industry is not used according to the purposes stipulated in the loan contract, misappropriated more than 7 million Yuan loan to shengfeng dairy shareholders invest and set up dairy farms. According to the CBRC to the relevant provisions of the interim measures for the management of working capital loans, with Fufeng Agriculture Development Bank branch collective consideration, agreed to issue the rectification is in place the company continued after the loan, but the company did not fulfil their commitments, not within the prescribed corrective action in place. On May 1 this year, shengfeng dairy industry pledged to the agricultural development Bank reform, will be held before the end of October to sell the dairy funds being diverted loans ADB in return for not less than 3 million Yuan.

On May 4, Fufeng County Branch of Agriculture Development Bank to lend to shengfeng dairy 2.5 million Yuan, in accordance with the provisions of the interim measures for the management of working capital loans, the borrower shall delegate payment funds, enterprises would like to use this loan as capital, does not comply with the provisions of the CBRC. Expire on the same day loan of 5 million Yuan, was approved renewal credits, but shengfeng dairy shareholders cannot agree on a personal guarantee, which loan will not be issued.

Dairy Association: reflection of the Shaanxi parts of dairy Enterprise survival

Dairy production Association Secretary-General Wang Weimin said, Shaanxi Province, Quan Tianlin's death, Dou dairy operating difficulties, and reflects part of the current predicament facing the dairy enterprises in our province. The overall economic downturn, industry, factors such as the impact of imported dairy products, causing some dairy sales are sluggish in the province, especially the small and medium dairy, challenges will be even more serious. Only when faced with a dilemma of SMEs who needs banks "blood transfusion" first aid, but banking by the risk control and other factors to consider, like loans to enterprises operating in good condition, and business operating conditions well, and don't need Bank loans, which is currently faced with an awkward situation of SMEs, which is the business, banking, Government, society needs to ponder a question.