Friday, June 10, 2016

Man stabbed a bus driver in the head one fare bus company called on police to

Man stabbed a bus driver in the head one fare, bus company called on police to punish

Figure for injured drivers.

Southeast Web on June 11, recently, the 102 bus in Putian, a murder occurred, after dissatisfaction arising from a fare, a middle-aged man from behind and attacked the bus driver punches Lin, both sides then intertwined, middle-aged man pulled out carrying a dagger, stabs Lin more than body parts, of which most seriously wounded in the head by 12 stitches. At present, the local police are investigating the matter.

Passengers pay less than the driver let off

Lin, 46, celestial people in Putian, when the driver of the bus company has a year earlier, he was driving in the other bus companies for many years. When journalists saw Lin at the Emergency Center in Putian City, his head bandaged and face, shirt, pants, shoes, have also had a lot of blood. Lin said, were stabbed him many parts in the conflict, which most head injuries, yet he felt dizzy.

What conflict? Lin told reporters that 102 bus from Putian roundtrip own celestial fengting, belongs to the long distance billing bus segment. Around 12:45, the car when it reaches the market, Kowloon Bay site, a more than 40-year old man on the bus and pay two Yuan. Shenzhen responded no power challenge road of

"Go where? "Lin asked.

Passengers, school of science and technology, said. Subparagraph in accordance with the accounting standards, to the site of the fare is 3 Yuan, Lin asked them to vote for one. But the passengers were not ignored.

Lin said that if you don't pay the fare, you can only get off. He then borrowed two Yuan from a passenger on the bus, ready to return the men.

Passengers fled the bus company after wounding punished

See the man indifferent, to start as soon as possible, Lin will be near each other in front of the car under the bags to the car. At this point, the man rushed up from the aisle, Lin's head in a boxing, boxing in the jaw. Both sides then intertwined, and both collapsed in the aisle.

At this point, the men drew carry daggers, stabbed in the rib, Chin Lin, head. Shooting men then fled the scene.

After the incident, Lin called the police, and wounds to the hospital. Doctors, Lin wound to the head about 13 cm in length, and had 12 stitches, hospitalized for observation.

Putian xiuyu, team officials say the bus company, in accordance with company policy, the bus driver has an obligation to supervise passenger coin, if fare evasion, leaking passenger ticket without stop, will be subject to criticism of the company. In this case, Lin acts worthy of recognition, bus company to support Lin's rights, and hoped that the police to punish the assailant.