Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nan police respond to salvage the floating corpse suddenly sitting up a man

On August 24, the network passed a man lying in the shallow water in Maoming city sleeps by the masses as "body" alarm, a micro-Nan branch in Maoming city, Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau officer @ Nan safely publish briefing confirmed the 20th rapidly dispose of suspected drowning event, men in the rescue and suddenly jump in the water. It is understood that the man claiming to be in the water to catch fish.

Nan police respond to salvage

Men turned in the river roll, kick jump, the rescuers got a shock.

River floating in a "body" salvage and suddenly sit up

Recently, a video micro-blogging and micro-heat transfer in the circle of friends.

Video display, in a not too wide river, not far from the river bank to have a floating motionless, looks like after the encounter drowning in "the body".

Several meters from shore, five or six men in uniforms or camouflage uniforms of the police and fire rescue workers stand. One of the rescue workers in life jackets, holding study water rescue rope, step by step to the River in the "body".

When rescue workers near, bending over, and then when ready to use ropes for fishing, "the floating corpse" suddenly turned in the river roll, kick jump, behold, rescue workers were too frightened to jump.

Originally, after floating in the river is not a "body", but a man.

Continued to lay into the water after being called "dead man"

According to the outgoing video app and informed users, public revelations, it happened on the afternoon of August 20, xiaodongjiang Chuk Yuen, Maoming city near the bridge.

Or because of the heat, the man in the river shallows lay sleeping, the crowd mistook "the body" and the police. Network video, it is police and fire and rescue officers, after police arrived at the scene, firefighters close to ready to salvage a scene that occurs.

According to the video display, in the "Black Dragon" after the man lying in the water continued to sleep.

Video sensation triggered netizens quickly after heated debate. Some Internet users to name the man "cheat death", questioning its pretended to die for wasteful, even likely to be mocked police in partnership with video winner.

But there are also netizens said, the men on the face, floating in a backstroke posture, are likely to reveal the face, ears and other parts of the body in the water, so didn't notice the peripheral situation, not clear was used as a "body", and alerted the police.

Police in Maoming city in Guangdong Province, the man who claimed to have caught fish

In this regard, the upstream Chongqing morning news reporters news-Nan branch on August 23 to the Maoming city Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau verified Nan Branch responded by saying that informed through the officer of @ Nan safely up on the news.

11:56 on August 24, @ peace Nan briefing that published this event.

Nan police respond to salvage

Reported, August 20, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Nan Maoming Public Security Bureau branch flag stations received 110 orders suspected in xiaodongjiang River drowning.

After receiving the report, Nan Public Security Bureau leaders attach great importance to, and Red police driving a police motorcycle were quickly on the scene, together with the fire brigade immediately launched rescue efforts, but the man suddenly jumped up from the water.

After the police understood that the man claiming to be in the River to catch fish, the body unobstructed. Police see men sane, evacuated after their education. Frequent incidents of violence against children

Police advise, is drowning in the summer high season, good water masses do not think their inattention to the general public, must put the lives and property of the individual at any time in the first place, be safe.

However, netizens pointed out that reported false police, mocked the police statement, @ peace briefing NaN does not respond. (This article was originally titled momentarily dumbstruck! salvage "floating corpse" suddenly sitting up and rescue personnel to jump up)