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Singers wed in the name of Stamford MOM return decided to have children will

Singers wed in the name of Stamford MOM return: decided to have children will sacrifice

Hong Kong singer Agnes Chan for the 1985 "Spring Festival" song of wilderness pastoral for Chinese audience knows, and development in Japan, is a singer and Teresa, Barbara Yung par, is the memory of a generation. Bid farewell to show business 30 years later, she once again return to the public eye, this identity was the book writer, she brings readers in Shanghai had its first Chinese book the 50 education law: I have three sons into the Stanford book.

When singer, mother, Stanford

Singers wed in the name of Stamford MOM return: decided to have children will sacrifice

Chan, Agnes was born in 1955 in Hong Kong, ranked fourth among the six brothers and sisters. 14 years old in Hong Kong, the circle game debut, aged 17 to Japan development, with songs such as the corn poppy flower red through Japan and China's Taiwan and Hong Kong. She was first in the Japan International at Sophia University Faculty, and Canada social child psychology graduate of the University of Toronto. Married in 1985, and the following year gave birth to son, but did not quit show business, five or six notices a day, often working with his son, at the time Japan has led to a huge public debate, referred to as "Agnes controversy" (Agnes Chan English named Agnes) and the Times magazine that year.

In 1989, Agnes Chan United States education, at Stanford University in November, gave birth to her second son. 1994 made Stanford doctorate in education. 1996 gave birth to her third son, more important is the person she is always with the kids. In 2015, Agnes Chan's third son, the great son and again after the second son was admitted to Stanford University, caused a sensation.

Singers wed in the name of Stamford MOM return: decided to have children will sacrifice

The 50 Education Act

Said goodbye to the public eye 30 years Wed storage period. In addition to the identity of the singer, Agnes Chan came more as a writer active in the community, 50 of the law on education was her first Chinese book, but only after she has been out of the more than more than 80 Japanese and English books. In addition, the United Nations international children's Fund Goodwill Ambassador for Asia, Japan Cancer Society "smile ambassadors", special Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, is also her public identity.

Wed claimed to be an "education MOM," your goals to turn the children into school, her self-worth and practice for learning achievement, from a father on the lips: "money and fame like water. Once anything goes wrong at once will be taken from you. However, the knowledge once credited to the mind, and wouldn't get killed, it will become your life's treasure. So you can learn to cherish the opportunity to learn. "

From interpretation to bounce back in the 70 's of last century, Wed in Japan when the red. "My time is about 20 hours of work per day, bed would not have the time, go to school in the morning and sometimes can't go, after learning just television video, on the record, when 11 or 12 o'clock, to photograph also often go around the show, is that day, head empty. My father to Japan I worked and thought I was too busy at work. So young and so famous, make so much money, and all the things the person next to me, he felt bad for me. So he suggested to learn, reading University. "

Agnes Chan to quit your job, go Canada majored in child psychology. She later entered the Stanford study is benefiting from Japan Society for her "Agnes controversy".

"When the first child, because I was breastfeeding, so took him to the station. At that time in Japan, this situation is rare, their views are more traditional, think you should go home to marry and have children, and if you like anything that should not have kids. So it caused a great deal of controversy. Are published in many news, after more than a year, even the United States also made the Times magazine reported. The report by Stanford University Professor, just contact me, let me go to him, and he advised me to study economics or education, took a doctorate, so when we go back, my argument is not just a singer, but a controversy that can change society. So I went to Stanford Ph. "

Singers wed in the name of Stamford MOM return: decided to have children will sacrifice

Educational starting from pregnancy

Agnes Chan recently triggered heated discussion, are her three sons all were admitted to Stanford. Youngest son 2015 entered Stanford University, this means that, along with her own, Agnes Chan's House had four Stanford students. Too many people curious about how her children are educated.

Agnes Chan believed that education started before pregnancy begins. MOM the first thing to do is to take care of the body and gave birth to a healthy baby. In the nine months of pregnancy, when considering how to cope with life at home model parenting plan, and discuss with your husband on the issue of educational plans and goals.

Childhood, education is the most important period. Wed child brain development, 80%, had been completed up to three years. To the formation of character and personality at this stage, to a large extent will affect the future life of the child.

In the average household, a child often need 4 old people 2 people plus their parents with custody, but Wed do not promote to others with children. "Taking the children on this thing, not many people would be nice, a lot of times a father, a mother, will suffice. Children are growing up in his parents ' home is better, children need most is the love of parents. If you are parents, decide to have a child, you must sacrifice, not to put himself in the first, must have been kids at first. "

Wed said his children, did not think he was helping, but don't think he is the protagonist. "Both of us shared responsibility with children, he married I also learned how to do food shopping, which he could do, so I leave the child in his time of need, I was very relieved. "

"If early childhood education goes, until the child is at school and raising up much easier. "Wed believe that their children's education, not just the learning ability of students, but both mentally and physically integrated personality formation process. Museum to catch elves is a tool or a blow to the

Singers wed in the name of Stamford MOM return: decided to have children will sacrifice

Now of parents are has knows positive of incentive on children learning, and life enthusiasm of important, but Agnes Chan proposed himself of recommends: "praised children of when absolute cannot lies, clearly Word wrote have bad see is on children said ' wrote have really beautiful Ah ', such children cannot on himself right evaluation; to constantly encourages, until do that standard; anyway cannot for corporal punishment, that is most bad of education way; home of basic rules is ' not lies ''; children questions of when if himself in cooking, on off fire, Answer the questions and then continue; see is not ' did is a good kids ', but rather ' tried that good boy '. "

"I'm a big target with parental hope that children in the best environment, surrounded by excellent teachers and friends, accept many stimuli, which can spontaneously. For this reason, admission to do all that can be done. "She said. "The results of our three sons are all dreams and went to Stanford University. "

Finally, Wed to remind parents, child's value will not be because he will do and will not do any changes: "only one or two children in China, so it is not to fail, will be very nervous. Japan is also, so children's competition under a lot of pressure, be sure to read very well, otherwise it's hard to find a good job. But in the