Thursday, October 27, 2016

Unfinished homework students line up one by one to kick butt in the rain Yan

"Female teacher students LINE UP one by one fierce kick in the rain" video, on October 28, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Shaanxi Yanan city baota district Party Committee propaganda Department confirmed that students who failed to complete the job by corporal punishment, teachers were concerned administrative demerits and waiting list in March to the penalty.

Video shows about 10 pupils, children stood in the rain on the ground in front of the teaching building, columns in a row; a woman suspected teachers right hand holding a broom, began kicking the butt of students one by one, boys and girls were kicking a foot, there are individual nearly being kicked down. Chengdu a pregnant woman suffering Telecom fraud

Local users Twitter post in Yan ' an, Yanan Du Fuchuan, baota district primary school in the morning of October 27, kicking people of a female teacher at the school, homework was because students did not complete their language back to corporal punishment.

Pagoda in Yanan city Party Committee propaganda Department staff confirmed to the news the surging, Du Fuchuan a female teacher in primary school because the students did not complete the corporal punishment of students, after the school decided punishment imposed teacher concerned administrative demerits and waiting list March;, Vice President in charge of moral education in schools continued administrative warning.