Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Barred reporters and more people participate in the tour Ctrip supplier before

Barred reporters and more people participate in the tour? Ctrip: supplier before the line's inherent terms

Ctrip Yunnan Tour project limits press registration, Henan and other places are also limited. Legal evening news

On January 18, a 6th 5 latest ctrip, a travel industry giant Yunnan travel products, publicly declares that it does not accept the zhumadian, jiaozuo,, Jieyang and other places people and journalists, guides, tour operators and other industry professionals to book.

The same day, surging ctrip official told News (www.thepaper.CN), which is the travel supplier Kunming comfort travel prior to the launch of the eternal inherent terms. Kunming comfort travel agency customer service shikou denied the eternal the clause, "we do not know how it ctrip, isn't that our articles. "

Kunming comfort eternal travel changed?

The same day, the legal evening news reported that a resident of liling in Hunan province said, wanted to travel to Yunnan, with mobile phone c sign up for mission, we encounter discriminatory provisions, his area of origin will not be taking as well.

Ctrip "Xishuangbanna + 6th jiuxiang + PU 5 star hotel 5 nights three fly" tourism product of predetermined conditions shows that do not accept reservation might be journalists, guides, tour operators, do not accept that in Jieyang city, Guangdong, Henan zhumadian, and jiaozuo, Hunan liling persons booking.

According to the legal evening news reported that ctrip has confirmed the project and the terms but said the provision is a supplier of product requirements. The Yunnan tour tourism products publicity news shows, their organizers to Kunming comfort eternal travel service co., Ltd.

On January 18, the Kunming comfort eternal surging travel agency customer service told News (www.thepaper.CN), recently by the end of the business, which did not limit the provision of visitor information, anyone can sign up for the mission, "we do not know how it ctrip, isn't that our articles. "

However, the legal evening news quoted the travel agent who explained that limits the area because "that a few parts of the plane offers" limited reporters offered because "some journalists not to travel, but to let sleeping dogs lie."

C: is the inherent provisions before launch 11 year old boy who has been missing for more

The afternoon of January 18, surging ctrip official told press, this storm, ctrip's tourism Ministry has issued a statement of apology after the investigation. Ctrip's tourism released a statement saying that some travel agents booking terms of suppliers of products, contents of the prohibited reservation might be part of the group, for this case, ctrip's tourism platform vendor management and operations for the first time to intervene. After investigation, the terms of these are inherent in travel products online before, these restrictive provisions undermine the legitimate rights and interests of tourists.

Ctrip also said that for this type of violation, ctrip's Tourism Division will not tolerate quickly initiate corrective measures: the breach product line corrective action immediately; exposure of businesses based on the platform rules for appropriate penalties; apologize for customers involved, and continues to welcome clients and media supervision.

Business information, Kunming comfort eternal shareholder of the travel agency, is the comfort travel service. People in the industry say, this is a rather large travel agencies.