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Of the wind and waves town youth dies of ambition

"Nobody, let alone what lies, live on the line. "

Towards the end of the movie ride, played by Zhang Benyu "villain" Laurie silently handed the car keys, and after the two ambitious pledge, a tad lonely out of the line.

In a sense, this sentence is the tone of the movie. Hard to use a Word to sum up Han's film. From the genre's sense, which is still a comedy, funny with a hint of sadness. Make people sad times, old friends.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

Deng Chao plays Xu Tailang

Movie hero named Xu Tai, was a race car driver.

The narrator of this name, however. In June 2008, Han's friend, rally driver Xu Lang who died in a match, at the age of 32. In his blog, that he has written an article commemorating Xu Lang, remember the tea of Wuyi, Zhejiang, Xu Lang before teasing the dog in the past.

Nearly ten years later, southern town of street Lane, smoke, including those mentioned in the article the dog Labrador, raised in waves, each of them individually.

The story of the ride is not complicated. Since the crash, coma racing driver Xu Tailang accidents will go back in time, back to a year before he was born.

There, he met a young father and mother. Get along, too much and his father became the good brothers, fathers have a feud he also in the journey of this accident, completing a reconciliation with the father.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

Peng Xu Tailang played young's father.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

As Xu Tailang young Zhao Liying age mother.

Frankly, the story of the cross and reconciliation is not new. In subtitles in the credits, Han special salute the movie clock 70 years and the new pair.

In a sense, from the story of the wind and waves to your bridge settings, there is great similarity with the new pair.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

Hong Kong films in the new brother, played by Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Chu Yuan.

In Chan's 1993 Hong Kong film in the new loser, played by Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Chu Yuan through his son to 30 years ago, witnessed the love of parents, and sang a song at the party for two of the Tell Laura I Love Her.

In the waves, Xu Tailang Deng Chao plays on parents ' marriage, sang one song off white Declaration Declaration on the adaptation of the man.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

In addition to these appear in the subtitles through the "seniors", in Han's in this movie, you can see many other films of the shadow.

Movie beginning a gripping of Highway racing, let people thought has head text d; distribution Shang boys chorus of memory Flash back, let people reminds Japan Director zhongdaozhe also of Xia wife real language and was abandon of pine nuts of life; tablets tail one from air overhead imagery of Xiang in the fights of lens, is let people thought has MANKA refers to and United States classic gang tablets.

However to be fair, in the film's overall quality, the production cycle for three months, hurried to catch up with Chinese new year movie than Han's debut of the after life, has made a remarkable leap in quality.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

Although in the waves, Han is still keen to use music to promote the development of the plot, but in the after life endorsement-like stiff lines and deliberate placement of the words disappeared.

No baffling also appear in the film and unknowingly go figure. Poland Polanski as Caesar award Chairman feminist

In the ride, whether it is from the future, Xu Tai lang, is a Jiang Hu brotherhood Xu Zhengtai or Children's Day of a tendon, has its own complete set of logic.

Even Shijie Jin plays the Director, played by Li Ronghao gold Hong Kong Boss, although the play is not much, but flesh and blood.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

Deng Chao, and Li Ronghao, and Peng

And one of the most impressive, and is played by Zhang Benyu Laurie.

The beginning of the film, his name is Xu Zhengtai small groups were separate, experienced over, into the classroom and beloved girl after being robbed, at the critical moment, and turned around.

No pleasure revenge, ambition, and his calm words, is a hard, arrogant character at the bottom for fate and life of obedience.

If on the train South to development represented the future of shaking the pony, the once-bustling Laurie, represents the small-town youth ambition to slowly fade away.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

The most moving parts of the waves, maybe it is to restore a generation full of memories of a small world. Movie town with a moist vapor, algae attached to the old, narrow streets, filled with cramped in the last century.

Hardly restore the Han is the home of Xu Lang, was himself born and raised, tinglin town, or a combination of overlapping. Youth in floral shirts, jeans, rode a motorcycle to the cinema to see Chow Yun-fat in being a hero on the silver screen.

In this sense, Han recovered not only their southern town, is generation generation era of small town youth development.

Of the wind and waves: town youth dies of ambition

Real estate invasion is still in the future, the world of the Internet on the road.

By Xu Tailang Deng Chao plays in the movie, Han sent a sigh: "time really well, members not mobile, not brushed micro-circle of friends to eat, someone found a voice, but the world will change. "