Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On the Android developer event Deploy Google App launch review

Android developers, events you stand! Since Google announced it would begin to implement on-line app review.

As we all know, compared to Apple's App Store a very stringent censorship, lack of supervision of the Android market are free Blue Ocean, although developers are free, but does cause the malicious applications flooding to the user and other negative effects. Today Google finally can not endure, decided to learn, the company disclosed means to combat violations in the Android market will be taken against the malicious app.

Official announcement Google said, "this new safety standard of review requires professional expertise to introduce new app rating system."

TechCrunch reports of foreign media, in fact, as early as a few months ago Google has quietly deployed the safety review system in the dark, but it seems that the developers did not seem to notice the difference. It is reported that Google uses "automatic tool + manual removal" a combination of regulation, first using an automated algorithm to filter out viruses or illegal application of Google Play, followed by expert human intervention to eliminate these undesirable applications. In a TechCrunch interview, Google Play Purnima Kochikar, Director of business development said,

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"Applied by pulling out the bad, then manually monitoring by the regulators, this combination playing mechanism to achieve good cooperation to achieve watertight. "


The other hand, Google revealed information, even if the introduction of the regulatory system, the new app in Google Play online will be controlled within a few hours, and frequently review the App Store a few days a week compared to Android developers can still breath a little bit. Ted Baker note 3 covers


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Hammer technology Smartisan T1

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