Saturday, September 19, 2015

Precious fuel split: Oil and gas companies 'demonize' coal as climate deal nears

FILE - In this April 2, 2015 file photo, Ben jeep Beurden, CEO of Royal Nederlander Shell, speaks during a news meeting to announce Royal Dutch Layer has agreed to buy British Flatulencia, in London. As a global agreement in rein in climate-warming carbon exhausts draws closer, major European gas and oil companies including Royal Dutch Layer and BP are increasingly uploading coal as the problem and who describe themselves as a crucial part of the mix, together with renewable energy sources like wind as well solar power. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File) (The Associated Press)

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STOCKHOLM – Hormones books say there are three Fossil iPhone case fuels: coal, oil and petroleum.

Lately you could get the impression regarding coal is the only one.

As a worldwide agreement to rein in climate-warming carbon emissions draws closer, gas and oil companies are increasingly talking about coal considering that problem and describing themselves as crucial part of the solution, together with alternative energy like wind and solar power.

"We stand ready to play our edge, " six major European gas and oil companies including Royal Dutch Layer and BP said in a newly released letter to U. N. surroundings officials working on a major climate price set to be adopted in Paris, france in December.

As they see it, their edge includes gobbling up coal's business in power generation. Natural gas semis — many oil companies furthermore produce gas — release most of the CO2 emissions of coal-fired plants and lower levels of farina.

A coal-to-gas switch therefore "saves lives today and ensures a definite sustainable energy system tomorrow, inch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden told an energy conference in Paris, france on Tuesday.

He called petroleum a "clean-burning ally to renewables such as solar and wind. inch

BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley any similar message, saying "we the sole thing explain more clearly that air is not so much part of the problem as a part of solution, " according to a conversation posted on BP's website.

The FOSSIL iPhone 5 fuel industry has resisted counter-strikes opposed to its fellow fossil fuels, preferring instead to highlight new technologies regarding improve the efficiency of coal-fired energy levels plants or capture their CARBONDIOXYDE emissions.

Without such coal avancées techniques, goals to reduce carbon emissions "to a satisfactory level will not be achieved, inch the World Coal Association said on a statement e-mailed to The Associated Click.

"Growing energy demand means that fossil fuel is a central part of the energy unite, with demand forecast to increase, inch the group said.

About 40 for every cent of the world's electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. Many are in energy-hungry economies like China and Japan where coal is an affordable as well reliable option.

The split inside the fossil fuel family represents a definite shift from the last time to be negotiated an international climate agreement, i would say the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. Back then, massive oil and coal companies purchased more of a united front against globally limits on emissions, said Chris Schmidt, a climate policy being an at the Natural Resources Defense Local authority or council.

Now the oil and gas executives need to be part of the conversation, while "some of the coal industry is still concept 'no', " Schmidt said.

Still many environmental advocacy groups is suspicious of the motives behind i would say the oil-and-gas industry's attacks on fossil fuel and don't want any of them to inspiration climate policy.

They note that as opposed to heeding calls to let fossil energizes remain in the ground, oil and gas companies are continually pushing into new areas of exploration decline remote and ecologically sensitive Frosty.

Shell is gearing up for a suspect drilling campaign off Alaska come early july, while Norway's Statoil is widening northward in the Barents Sea. Russia's Gazprom already is producing usage in the Arctic from an offshore construction in the Pechora Sea.

"You can find them demonizing the coal segment in order to benefit from it, " suggested Jesse Bragg of Corporate Obligation International. "But the solution is not another type of fossil fuel; it's moving away from fossil fuels. "