Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hebei villagers to produce recordings was slapped by station chiefs Director

Hebei villagers to produce recordings was slapped by station chiefs, Director of response: PA is

Inspection reports provided by Tao Qiupo the hospital.

Hebei Baoding quyang de Xiang Tao Qiupo villagers on February 17 to the surging production News (www.thepaper.CN) reflects, on July 27, 2015, de in the quyang County Public Security Bureau police station when asked about progress his brother was wounded, questioning police station Director Chai Hui accepted the attacker money by wood against a slap in the face to the left perforation of the tympanic membrane.

Quyang County Public Security Bureau political Department staff on February 18 in response to surging news, after investigation, the wood does not strike a blow at that time. Chai said, Tao Qiupo deliberately made that there may be a hope that the police dealing with the case of his brother bias them.

Tao Qiupo my brother's case occurred in January 2015, due to disputes with fellow villagers were wounded in hospital, quyang County Public Security Bureau de police station a few months later still pending the investigation results. On July 27, 2015 at 9 o'clock in the morning, and Tao Qiupo to Tak Chai Hui, Director of the Office of the police station asked the progress of their cases. Since wood will not give answers, Tao Qiupo asked, "that you accept him (attacker) how much money has been ignored".

"Hearing the words, he hit my left ear was a slap in the face. "Tao Qiupo said when he was hear in his left ear, immediately went to the hospital for treatment. Quyang County, he also went to the police in the afternoon, the Bureau Deputy Director Zhang Zongxiang Tao Qiupo the first hospitalization, things have not been resolved.

Quyang County people's hospital examination report from the Tao Qiupo show "left Eardrum perforation, peripheral blood" check date is July 27, 2015. In addition, Tao Qiupo also offer day expertise with the wood for about 27 minutes of conversations, recording in which he asked "that much money you has his" cursed each other "who told you that? You're farting ", which can then be heard" pop "sound, Tao Qiupo and say" Wow, I played some deaf ears. " Guangdong killed child suspects arrest details

Chai on February 18 on the matter in response to news that the surging, Tao Qiupo my brother's case was being handled at that time, but Tao Qiupo repeatedly went to the police station and questioned whether he received money, Office only on the day the two of them, he will be slapped on the table, it is recorded in "pop" sound. He said, when Tao Qiupo pretend to be slapped, should be deliberate, hospital sources report he is unknown.

Chai said after Tao Qiupo take this threatened many times, if not their younger cases do take this matter up, but Tao Qiupo case has not formally reported. Tao Qiupo brother was wounded at present a case has been dealt with by program.

Surging news called them several times, quyang County Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Zhang Zongxiang, he said it could not respond to the matter. Quyang County Public Security Bureau political Department staff said that after receiving the reflection of Tao Qiupo, Public Security Bureau was investigating, the findings are wood does not hit. But he indicated that he did not know details of the investigation.