Monday, February 15, 2016

Ticket revenue into the local government cash dispenser Mount Emei half pay

Hefei, February 15 tickets Tickets bundled insurance; student tickets are only sold in the summer; half-price ticket full price ticket of 40 Yuan, 30 yuan; a few packaged ... ... National development and Reform Commission recently when more than more than 200 scenic spots in the country to check tickets, find some scenic area there is an implementation of the Government guidance prices and tickets for not complying with the provisions of preferential policies, bundles and unreasonable the ticket mess.

Reporters found that scenic ills of illegal pricing in addition in ticket revenue, even as financial "cash dispenser". "Tickets for addiction" long attack and difficult to break, is that for a long time free domestic ticket revenue expenditure, lack of discipline and supervision.

Scenic fare "Ming rose" "black floating" illegal pricing chaos in clusters

According to the national development and Reform Commission, released in 2007 on further improving the current ticket price management notice of visit requested, ticket prices subject to Government pricing or Government guidance prices administration, higher frequency of not less than 3 years. But it does not radically curb ticket prices impulses, tickets in "every regulation will rise" of the cycle. In 2015, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, silver rock, scenic spots in Guilin, Guangxi have been published to raise ticket prices.

Ticket prices "Ming rose", the "black floating" are endless. National development and Reform Commission, the examination found, scenic presence "coercive or forced service in disguise and charging" illegal bundling tickets, sightseeing tickets, insurance, etc. Such as dazu stone carvings in Chongqing scenic ticketing requires visitors to have purchased access to the scenic spot ticket and cannot be separately purchased one-way tickets; yangchun, Guangdong authorities approved 25 Yuan, kongtong scenic ticket prices, compulsory tying 1 insurance.

Part of the scenic area also played on the half-price concessionary tickets calculus, "hidden" price. Hangzhou leifeng pagoda scenic area to holders of student card student, once in every year from July to August to give discounted prices only, 40 Yuan after the General fare concessions should be 20 Yuan, but scenic spot actually priced at 30 yuan. Beijing's Temple of heaven Park for good harvests, Echo Chamber, circular mound and other attractions also did not perform free of charge according to stipulations or concessions.

Meanwhile, there are scenic spots is not a reasonable package to implement "a vote", where visitors unable to select all items. World geological park in shennongjia in Hubei Province, Shen Nong, dajiu, guanmenshan 6 Park composition, park far away, far more than more than 100 km. Only geological park set a price for the 319 votes, while visitors to discover individual areas have no choice. Henan people select auspicious license plates

Area there is a "cash machine" budget "capricious" weak regulatory

Reporters found many scenic spots because of their limited operating channels, "tickets for addiction" outstanding, plus ticket revenue expenditure confusion in ticket sales, the local government is the beneficiary, when the supervisor, ticket price adjustment the lack of sufficient regulation, ticket into a "lift will rise" of the cycle.

--Percentage of ticket revenue is still too high.

Tourist attractions in revenue in recent years, ticket sales total than downward, however the proportion was still high, tickets for the most scenic point to future earnings growth expectations, most of the 5-a-ticket income accounted for more than 40%, the highest more than 80%.

Beijing Tourism Association Deputy Secretary General Liu Simin said the tickets in the area operating income constitutes "dominance" situation has not improved, especially the many sightseeing attractions are totally dependent on ticket sales, plus tickets for business high gross margins, increase in ticket prices for area operating income enabling them to "immediate" effect, thus the ticket increases impulse strongly.

--Ticket revenue into the local government "cash dispenser".

Ticket revenue has gone? Reporter from Emei tourism company announced data in the found, scenic tour mountain tickets income in deduction related tax, cost Hou of 50% needed paid to Emei CMC, only 2015 first half of, Emei tourism company of more than 180 million more Yuan tour mountain tickets in the, to paid to CMC of into paragraph on over 70 million Yuan, also also has new rural construction special funds and scenic special funds two items supply over 9 million Yuan.

Hainan Provincial Tourism Association Secretary-General Wang jiansheng said domestic ticket revenue often become individual local authorities of "cash machine", the tickets prices can effectively monitor, must turn a blind eye.

--Unknown property, income and expenditure "capricious".

Due to the scenic property is unknown, Ticket revenue and expenditure management. Development and Reform Commission, the inspection found that the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province as an example, tourists visit Lingyin Temple will need to purchase two tickets only to Lingyin Temple needed to feilai Feng scenic area and feilai peak and soul belong to municipal park departments and religious groups, financial relations, tickets cannot be merged.

Experts, because currently there is no special ticket agreed regulatory documents using a range of income, so ticket revenue spending more freely. Many government departments often use resource royalties, infrastructure charges on behalf of a substantial proportion of the ticket revenue, also led the will is not strong. A 5A area, Anhui Province, insiders say, because of the scenic company belonging to scenic CMC, CMC is received from public institutions, "the funds required, in each of the CMC will take as much from here, there is no fixed ratio."

Unjustifiable price increase "with the people for profits" clear title "classification management"

Insiders pointed out that, like Disney, oceans and other social capital to invest in theme parks and scenic areas, prices were mixed up to the market there is no problem. But currently occupy most of the area of scenic tourism resources, cultural heritage and other public resources, ticket prices should therefore be operating costs plus a reasonable profit. Tickets for the public goods nature of these prices, exorbitant adjust frequency, is undoubtedly the "competing with the public for profits", must fight against such unjustifiable price increase and price fraud, changing the natural landscape "dinner," situation.

Liu Simin believes that judge ticket price adjustment is reasonable, the key is whether the price is based on "reasonable cost + profit" pricing policy, must be transparent and verifiable financial information such as income and expenditure for the Foundation. Therefore, relevant departments of the State have the necessary determination to establish the present applicable ticket price formation mechanism, management norms. Important scenic spots should follow the listed company, consolidated financial statements made by a third party, financial, operational, is under the full supervision of the scenic spots, "reasoned" ticket price adjustments in order to be accepted by the public.

Guangdong University of finance in tourism management and planning, design and Research Institute analysis on Zhang Weiqiang, Dean said, after the current due to the scenic area around the investment development, in terms of scenic property is not clear and therefore should first clear area around property ownership.

The recently held National Conference on tourism, the National Tourism Administration proposed, the implementation of classification reform ticket. On this, experts are think, curb scenic price mess as, to reached symptoms of effect, must as soon as possible clear scenic property belonging and nature divided, then PCT clear interests share mechanism and regulatory sector management duties, eventually achieved tickets of classification management guide; for privatization scenic, to guide mainly, release business, on State-owned scenic is divided for business sex and public scenic, clear business sex scenic only gets appropriate of profit, public is should into financial reveals, clear levels Government of responsibility, gradually established by national park , Provincial park and City Park, composed of three-level system of public area.