Friday, February 26, 2016

Women were strangers on the street men strong hold of molesting 70 seconds after

Local blogger @ Fuzhou in Fuzhou that something Twitter broke said on February 23, a woman on the sidewalk near Vientiane in Fuzhou City by a strange man with strong hold in public indecency. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) seen in surveillance video from the incident scene, women encounter obscene within 70 seconds, 9 people were passing from the side but no one stopped. At present, the local police have been involved in the investigation, and called on victims to contact the police as soon as possible, provide clues. Man in Nanjing by bus take a van driver to throw

@ Fuzhou that something posted on chat and the woman's personal records show that on February 23, at 8 o'clock in the evening, the woman wearing a raincoat ride electric vehicles from the city of Vientiane, along the Western ring road towards the direction of dawn ride en route to something using a mobile phone, will ride on the sidewalk shelter.

Women say the parties, when it is ready to leave, I heard someone shouting, "sister" and looked up to see a middle-aged man came up to the. She didn't bother to leave to ride. Behold, the man suddenly grabbed her arm and hold her from behind, do not let her go, also said that like her, want to make friends, and have been using the lower body against hers. The woman says it can't break free, only for help. When fewer pedestrians, umbrella after several passers-by, but did not stop the rescue.

In the chat log, women also said that man was whispered to his saying "no one is going to clean you", and use my body against hers, while dragging the people and cars in the future. Since then, the way peer 4 umbrella man, the woman shouted, strange men had just let go. After his escape to units near the alarm, and police suggested to Bonhams near police station (where the police station is not specified) statement, because of late and you dare not, prevented from visiting.

The woman being held obscene scene, was photographed by surveillance of the West ring road. Surveillance video showed a woman dressed in raincoats ride electric cars parked at the roadside, a man dressed in black came suddenly grabbed the women's arms, leapt to electric cars, from behind a woman holding and indecent. Woman struggled, but could not get away.

Surging news found that scene lighting is very bright, the men forcibly holding women nearly 70 seconds, 9 people ride a bike or walk through, many of them toward the woman was nasty looking but have not stepped forward to stop or to call the police. Until 4 umbrella man passed, black man was let go, she get away by bike.

According to women's "Bao long near the police station", February 26 surging news call the Bureau of Nanjing, taijiang district, Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau police station, police on duty said that no relevant records, not details, and inform the site near the city of Vientiane Department of Shanghai police station area. Events by local media, and multiple media in Fuzhou after the forward, trigger user attention. Surge in news video on whether police had been informed woman's strong-hold of molesting incidents and investigate, interview, taijiang district, Fuzhou, Shanghai police station, staff are not informed or cannot be disclosed as, declined to be interviewed.

Shanghai Shen LUN law firm Ma Wenbin said video black man had breached Article No. 237 of the Penal Code, constitute a crime of compulsory indecency women. Lawyer said that even if the woman does not alarm forced cuddle, police commenced should also take the initiative to step in and hold men accountable.

On 26th, the political Department of the Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau staff is not informed about this, to find out the situation. Subsequently, taijiang District Public Security Bureau official Twitter response: recently, some netizens said in the West second ring road near the city of Vientiane is a strange man of molesting. After investigation, I have not yet received a similar warning alarm of the masses. Shanghai police are taking a related sections and store video, involved in the investigation to know, while strengthening the area focused on road security patrols. Police urged victims to contact the police as soon as possible, provide clues in order to deal with such cases in a timely manner.