Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jiangxi Pingxiang Lok Ma Office confrontation survey early to play the fool

Recently, the China network published a criminal judgment document, Jiangxi Pingxiang municipal side disclosed the original, Member of the municipal party Committee Secretary-General Zhang xuemin bribery case.

In 2008, when he was Deputy Mayor of Pingxiang city, Zhang xuemin is one without going through the pre-sale of the developer license violation charge customer for the deposit to intercede, accepting bribes from the developers amounted to 150,000 yuan.

This is Zhang xuemin huge iceberg in the bribery case.

May 2015, Pingxiang city discipline, and monitored Council prepared of 2011 yilai city members cadres disciplinary illegal typical case analysis material compilation (following referred to "compilation") displayed, Zhang xuemin and Pingxiang city original CPPCC President Yan Dewen single pen bribery maximum amount reached Shang do Yuan, hit Pingxiang City economic class positions crime case single pen bribery amount of highest records, in Jiangxi province province also is rare, can be described as "renxinbuzushetunxiang".

On February 28, 2014, the Jiangxi provincial Commission for discipline inspection announced the Office of Pingxiang city in Jiangxi province, two-level cadres while Lok Ma news, Pingxiang city, then-Chairman Yan Dewen with then-Pingxiang municipal Committee, Party Secretary General Zhang xuemin was found.

Until then, former Vice Director of Jiangxi provincial people's Congress, the provincial Federation of trade unions Chairman Chen, original Pingxiang municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Sun Jiaqun Lok was found. Chen had previously served as Party Secretary of Pingxiang.

After Yan Dewen, Zhang xuemin Lok Ma, Pingxiang City Committee of the CPPCC Chairman He Weilin, Pingxiang municipal party Committee Chen Weimin, former Secretary in Pingxiang officialdom "earthquake" in the "down". Time, Pingxiang city, Jiangxi corruption "disastrous".

Jiangxi Pingxiang Lok Ma Office confrontation survey: early to play the fool, and later pretended to be ill and finally feigning madness

Jiangxi Pingxiang municipal original Zhang xuemin, Member of the municipal party Committee Secretary-General.

Pingxiang corruption nest case people have been sentenced Public opinion on the island continue to amaze

A few days ago, surging News (www.thepaper.CN), Ganzhou city, reporters from the Justice Department learned that Yan Dewen, Zhang xuemin two cases at first instance has given judgment, but as both an appeal, Justice Department officials did not disclose the Yan Dewen, Zhang xuemin of first instance sentenced to terms and related cases.

He Weilin found guilty of accepting bribes and abuse of two counts of Jiujiang city intermediate people's Court sentenced to 5.5 years of imprisonment. But the first trial after the verdict, He Weilin appealed against.

Surging judgement shows journalists to master, Zhang xuemin bribe longfei, Pingxiang City real estate development company Chairman Li Longhui. Due to Zhang xuemin and then-housing Secretary Rao Benchun total bribe amounts, Pingxiang city of 270,000 yuan, on September 10, 2015, fengcheng city, Jiangxi province, the people's Court sentenced Li Longhui committed bribery, and sentenced to one year and four months.

Li Longhui case after three months of trial, trial on December 9, 2015 in Pingxiang City Committee of the CPPCC Chairman He Weilin, appeared again He Weilin accept Li Longhui bribery allegations.

Indictment shows, Dragon fly, Pingxiang City real estate development company boss Li Longhui get He Weilin attention, in 2011 He Weilin moved to its 20,000 yuan from 2006 to 2012 during the Chinese new year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, 21 times for He Weilin amounted to 122,000.

He Weilin should Li Longhui who, using served as Pingxiang city CPPCC President of positions convenience, Yu 2005 to about personnel greeted, help Li Longhui from Goose Lake management service got beauty LUN China Chamber project of tax offers more than 580,000 more than Yuan; 2008, to about personnel greeted, and help Li Longhui from anyuan district, forest park CMC took back has deposit 4 million Yuan; 2011, to about personnel greeted, requirements its on Li Longhui development of Hugh Bo Park project be care.

Around March 2014, for fear that the organization surveys He Weilin returned Li Longhui 150,000 yuan.

Journalists surging from multiple channels, in the first instance He Weilin case, He Weilin Court of accepting bribes from Li Longhui amount was found.

One close He Weilin case of informed people to surging journalists said, in previously bribe people Li Longhui of judicial trial in the, judgement in the and no mentioned to He Weilin bribe of allegations, and in zhihou He Weilin case a trial in the, court is finds its received has Li Longhui bribery, this "legal backdoor" of phenomenon is let people puzzling, also description about judicial sector of free CD volume right too big, has against legal of fair sex.

Jiangxi Pingxiang Lok Ma Office confrontation survey: early to play the fool, and later pretended to be ill and finally feigning madness

Developers the three annual regular red envelope

This judgement shows that beginning in July 2007, Dragon fly, Pingxiang City real estate development company (hereinafter "Dragon fly") developed by Dragon fly-Fairview Park real estate projects a sale, not for pre-sale permit violation charge the customer a deposit of more than 200,000 yuan.

In March 2008, the Pingxiang city property management supervision team discovered the situation, to longfei punishment according to law, in accordance with the regulations on urban real estate development and management to purchase charged illegal sales of the deposit to be forfeited and a sales amount of fine 1%.

To seek illegitimate interests, so that their company irregularities be given a mitigated punishment, longfei company legal representative and Chairman Li Longhui found when he was in charge of housing and construction of Zhang xuemin, Deputy Mayor came forward to intercede, Zhang xuemin, when friends call in front of Li Longhui, Pingxiang city, Secretary for housing management Rao Benchun intercede for the flying dragon company, Li Longhui also find Rao Benchun later. This last offence, confiscate the illegal income of 10000 Yuan.

Li Longhui engaged in real estate development, Zhang xuemin is in charge of housing management and construction and other work. Thanks to Zhang xuemin intercede on behalf of the company, and later asked of him, during the period from 2006 to 2013, the annual Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Li Longhui to Zhang xuemin Office will give a red envelope. Chinese new year red envelopes to send at a time is 10000 Yuan, send Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival bonuses was 5000 Yuan, Zhang xuemin amounts to accepting bribes from Li Longhui 150000 Yuan. In addition, the 2008 to 2012 period, Li Longhui thanks also to Rao Benchun (dealt with) to bribe the 120000.

Zhang xuemin Lok Ma about two months later, on April 23, 2014, together with Zhang xuemin accept Li Longhui bribed Rao Benchun Lok was found. When Lok Ma, Rao Benchun, Pingxiang city, appointed Party Secretary and Secretary for archives.

After Zhang xuemin, Rao Benchun Lok Ma, offering them bribes when he was taken by handling departments concerned in Pingxiang City Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee Li Longhui investigation.

These judgments also showed that Li Longhui, male, anyuan district, Pingxiang city, Jiangxi province, was born in April 1951, primary school, Pingxiang city, former Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee members, the crime was committed. On May 16, 2014 for alleged bribery, Li Longhui assigned residence residential surveillance by fengcheng city people's Procuratorate, on May 26 of that year was detained in fengcheng city people's Procuratorate, announced on June 6 of that year was arrested. On September 10, 2015, fengcheng city, Jiangxi province, the people's Court sentenced Li Longhui committed bribery, and sentenced to one year and four months.

In August 2015, anyuan district, Pingxiang city people's court verdict, Rao Benchun found guilty of taking bribes, embezzlement, combined punishment for several crimes, was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months.

A trial after the Rao Benchun, China discipline inspection newspaper to the discipline without the bottom line under the title of Rao Benchun analyzes problems reported, saying Rao Benchun even lost the wager to be reimbursed will be promoted to driver violation under section-level cadres, helped mistress works as listed real estate Association.

The information daily reported on June 29, 2016, recently, the Pingxiang city intermediate people's Court for Rao Benchun (male, 54 years old, former Party Secretary of the Director of the archival Bureau, Pingxiang city, are level, Pingxiang city, suspected of a crime then the Housing Authority) bribery case in the second instance verdict: Rao Benchun bribery and sentenced to 5 years and fined 250,000 yuan. The Court found, Rao Benchun February 2007 to November 2013 in Pingxiang city, Secretary for housing management positions, development of real estate projects, illegal punishment and under the promotion of cadres, staff mobility, such as providing assistance, illegally receiving property amounts equivalent to 836351 Yuan.

Jiangxi Pingxiang Lok Ma Office confrontation survey: early to play the fool, and later pretended to be ill and finally feigning madness

Zhang xuemin early to play the fool, why no answer and then pretending to be ill, do not exist "heart" to intimidate investigators finally feigning madness, kneeling, kowtowing, urinating in public and other ways to interfere with investigators. China Visual information

With the deeds of the martyrs "encouraged" other officials set a League

In January of this year, the Xinhua News Agency published the Pingxiang, Jiangxi corruption "disastrous" according to sample analysis, the lead between the circle and the circle of corrupt officials, independent of each other and compromise because of the plates overlapping and conflicting interests, form.

Yan Dewen and Sun Jiaqun have "mentorship" Sun promoted has been anchor of many attention, Zhang xuemin Yan Dewen, classmates, twisted and complicated relationships provide convenient conditions for their modus operandi.

This special relationship is also valued for Zhang xuemin. In front of the Lok Ma Chau, he also used the heroic deeds of a revolutionary martyr, knowing that after his arrest, "encourages" Yan Dewen with their alliance against the investigation.

"Sun Jiaqun, Chen Zhong have organized investigation, Zhang xuemin, and Yan Dewen feeling his sticky, entered into a League with several times. "

The Repertory also said Zhang xuemin occasions find his co-accused persons collude.

Yan Dewen said in the statement: "February 22, 2014, Pingxiang municipal party Committee in the welcome organized mass education activities focus on learning, Zhang xuemin said, Gong Quanzhen (founding General Gan Zuchang's wife) had an article in the journal, he gave nine times, I see. "

Tips for Cheung, Yan Dewen Gong Quanzhen found the diary tells of the heroic deeds of a revolutionary martyr, knowing that after his arrest. Zhang xuemin wanted to use the story to "encourage" Yan Dewen with own Alliance. On February 25, Zhang xuemin Yan Dewen again found, say they are determined not to say, he has to be strong, not saying killing.

According to compilation description, was survey Hou, Zhang xuemin more is very do performances of arc, early fool, asked what are not answered; zhihou loaded disease, with fundamental not exists of "heart" to scare case personnel; last feigned, with kneeling, and kowtow, and public pee, extreme boring of way to interference case personnel, attempts to transfer sight, completely lost has a name Office level leaders of due image.

In addition, the Repertory also mentioned that apart from He Weilin, and Zhang xuemin, 5 live the corruption of moral turpitude, committed adultery with the others. In the annual Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhang xuemin charging unit and individual envelopes up to six hundred thousand or seven hundred thousand Yuan, respectively. Zhang xuemin's son started a financial advisory company, private enterprise of the year symbolically to Pingxiang flip books, you can get consultation fee of 150,000 yuan.

Zhang xuemin will millions of bribes respectively by his mistress's brother and brother for safekeeping, and agents are not only to be responsible for the custody, also invest in "white washing".

Exquisite silk village, Pingxiang City project, Zhang xuemin, Yan Dewen in order to hide the fact that their bribes of millions of Yuan in August 2005, told agents with the project developer has signed a new agreement on cooperative development, its request an amount on behalf of project loan in return, in the form of loans and agreements finalized, both to ensure their ill-gotten gains, and was "legal" package.

Afterwards, Zhang xuemin said: "with this agreement, I felt at ease. "