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What s up with the literature of our time

"Intellectuals of ancient science, as well as articles, pen can write. But since the new culture movement, Chinese literature education slowly into a curing of knowledge, simply a mode of knowledge education. "Comments in today's era of literary education, Beijing Normal University literature professor Zhang Qinghua said.

July 18 afternoon, in Beijing Normal University literature hospital Professor Zhang Qinghua, and literary reported editor Liang Hongying and Communist Lanzhou municipal propaganda Minister Zhu Jianjun, of common promoted Xia, for discussion contemporary literature education of traditional and status, invited has Beijing Normal University Distinguished Professor Ouyang rivers, and Peking University Chinese Department Professor Chen Xiaoming, and Tsinghua University Chinese Department Professor Grenfell and Shandong Normal University literature hospital professor Wei Jian, more than 20 over from education, and literary of scholars, common came to capital school participate in " The literature of our time "seminar.

What's up with the literature of our time

Chinese GE Fei, a professor at Tsinghua University. This pictures are Oriental IC data

What lack of university education?

"I don't think the University can directly develop writers of literary education, because this is not a custom culture. "In introducing the purpose of the seminar, and Zhang Qinghua, first explained that most of today's students know only some knowledge of literature, but lack of writing skills.

"In primary and secondary schools, literature is examination-oriented education block, College now, too, were subject, were better educated, is fragmented, literature, literary writing ability of students is getting worse and worse. "Referring to present condition of literary education, Beijing Normal University College of liberal arts Dean Chang Bao also added.

For literary education in the University, several experts point of view are almost identical and modern literature at the University of education needed a complete proven training system to improve students ' basic skills.

The seminar, Vice President Li Jingze memories, a member of Chinese Writers Association, late 70 to early 80 's of the last century, after ten, discipline construction has a very strong motivation, many Chinese students all wanted to be a writer, then indeed, Chinese cultivate a large number of writers. So, when University of education needs to knock heads and said we are not a culture writer. But now, this view has been challenged.

"For a writer, a novelist, if you just rely on talent and lack of adequate comprehensive training, I think he is not an advantage, will see his weaknesses. "Li Jingze says," a little Zen in the art of the Chinese influence, not about training, don't speak. This books is deeply rooted in the heart of things. "

What's up with the literature of our time

Writer Su Tong

According to our own experience, seminar, Beijing Normal University Professor, writer Su Tongxian told the story of a aneixia beauty queen ': amnesia girl on the square were middle-aged wretched men back home, men want to rape girl, girl escaped. Next day girl and the man who came to the square, because the girl has amnesia, she still did not know the man, and she followed him for. This repeated cycle.

Su explained that he always believed the girl was unilateral amnesia, but in discussion with my students in the process, revealing his students that men are memory loss. "I suddenly felt the students help me, my understanding of this novel is really wide. "Su Tong's view, readers also could afford a university education. He suggested that the hope that such intensive and close reading of the text, and allow everyone to communicate and develop some of the best and most serious readers.

Symposium on Shandong Normal University, Arts Faculty professor Wei Jian explained his views on literature education. Wei Jian believes that today's literature education in the form of courses, teaching materials, exams a literature and education in the education system and many contradict the principle: "our literature today is far from the literature for educators and literature educators today how many people really understand the literature. This number is not optimistic. "

What's up with the literature of our time

Primary and secondary school period should read anything?

"Literature of our times is not only refers to literature at the University of education refers to all literature of our times, as well as primary and secondary schools. "Said Zhang Ning, a professor from Beijing Normal University of arts.

"Master, doctor interview we have the problem, asked his literary theory logically, asked what works he read, one was Lu Xun, was Zhang Ai-ling's and nothing else. "Tsinghua University Professor of Chinese at Grenfell Road about according to their own teaching practice, today's literature at the University of education compared to the 80 's of last century thus far. So, whether high school or College, you should understand what students need to master. Editorial Beware of debt risk of Cobweb effect

"I know my son is their generation, middle school students what books they are reading, Jay Chou, Guo Li Jingze teachers say, they have a secret reading list, the books among the students is very extensive. "The Grenfell interpretation, not because students are not reading, they are reading, how to guide students to read some recommended books, comes to the textbook issue. GE Fei stressed that students ' intellectual curiosity, ambition, and in the preparation of teaching materials should be properly make up above their current reading level works. There is a certain degree of difficulty, students may have the curiosity to read carefully.

"Now most annoying is the LU Xun middle school students, because the articles are focused, are back, antibody, which even some passages difficult to understand clearly written wrong not to say confused, does literature has a lot of problems. But students are still picked Lu Xun as a thesis instead of Guo. "Sun Yat-sen University Humanities Professor Xie youshun explained that students like Guo, tired of Lu Xun, but paper still selected LU Xun. There are two reasons, first, select reference can have more academic knowledge of Lu Xun, there is also the students know teachers do not like Guo, picked Guo as a paper object has its risks.

Today the literary education of primary and middle schools, Li Jingze believes that causes not only in students, the teacher's role should not be underestimated. "Now educated himself had no idea what I want to teach you, even ridiculous to the teacher or to ask for the opinions of students, do you like Jay that I gave you to Jay, 5,000 years no one's education. "In the face of today's secondary education text, Li Jingze stressed that today's literature education should be based on cultural traditions and cultural identity on the basis of.