Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jinan express little brother hit two police traffic regulation were arrested

On June 30, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reported in Jinan express resistance in case of traffic regulation law, hurting two law enforcement police. On July 12, the Jinan huaiyin City Public Security Bureau branch staff confirmed to the news the surging, couriers were arrested for obstructing concerned under criminal detention by public security organs according to law.

Jinan express Jinan express

Traffic police law enforcement live video capture recorder shot.

Law enforcement live video taken from the traffic police recorder display, June 29, at 7:20, and two law enforcement officers, dressed in police uniforms grabbed a tricycle, which is accelerating, two law enforcement officers and 1 after being dragged to the ground.

Jinan local Twitter users say, er Huan XI road, Zhang Zhuang road, accident on a tricycle yuantong express printed mark. "Traffic police found illegal, express little brother driving after being stopped for some reason to leave, two traffic police hold car will not let go, the result was towed for several hundreds of meters. " Prairie road turned into a scenic spot tickets

Surging huaiyin Public Security Bureau Police Brigade staff had told news, Zhang Zhuang, er Huan XI road junction when the traffic police on motorcycles centralized regulation violations, involved three-wheeled motorcycle does not hang number plates, drivers don't obey traffic pull over to check command, accelerated to flee caused two traffic police back and leg injuries. After investigation, courier drivers belong to unlicensed driving without a license.