Friday, May 1, 2015

Let you show a flower pin

Baking up people's favorite thing to do is? Else it is obviously baked. Wrong! They show you clearly love the most! What microblogging, circle of friends, Ins and QQ, blog, as long as they can show off the ground, filled with a variety of cookies, cakes, breads, desserts ... ... Photos, and always loved the night revenge on society, which is watching people claw wrenching! Transformers Optimus Samsung Note 3 case

But love is one thing, but how do you get the cookies (show) (Ruth) beauty (good) taste (see) is another matter. Poland designer Zuzia Kozerska like you love messing about in the boundary in the oven, so she simply using laser engraving technology and make a roll with a special pattern stick, so that it can easily roll out various colors of biscuits.

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These rolling stick Warsaw, local wood production, and up to 30 different styles, containing many patterns, machine little people series, boys love dinosaurs, upturned moustache, fries Burger Cola, cats Wang Xing man, of course, also has a simple geometric shapes, cool text patterns and so on. In addition, the designer also provides customized services, can be made with your name or favorite patterned rolled surface. Transformers Note 3 case

How, people itch? Just go here to find a spot that belonged to your sticks! Do remember to send several more sudoko, and again she placed her proud stance, jealous friends like party girls, you know.