Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lollipop cut out different shapes the Pencil Sharpener: Lollypop

From Designnobis Studio ideas, candy cane pencil sharpener (Lollypop) pencil can cut various shapes: iPhone 6 cases

Looks certainly is a rod Rod sugar of styling (especially you plug with a root pencil in inside of when), subject is wood material, like Hamburger as, two tablets wood mass shell clip with middle of round blade--all of mystery are in this round blade Shang, it a total eight species blade, corresponds to shell of eight a round hole, will pencil insert which zhihou, on can cut out corresponds to shape of pencil head, some sharp, some round blunt, but must can according to you of work needs to for select.

This pattern of many Super lollipop Pencil Sharpener, also won, including the 2014-A' Design Award multiple design awards. iPhone 6 cases

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