Friday, May 8, 2015

Preparing to launch ~ spaceship light: Get Ready for the Launch Lamp

That year, Saturn's fifth rocket carrying the Apollo journey to the Moon, or human civilization, by far the most exciting chapter to write ... ... So it's no wonder that many people like to watch rocket launches, that fire and smoke, is filled with power and beauty – and now, Netherlands Atelier Arnout Meijer Studio decided to integrate lighting design, this lamp is the spacecraft (Get Ready for the Launch Lamp): Monsters iPhone 5s case

Simulation of long tube top is rocket, when the lamp is lit, the rocket moments can "live", the lights will turn into rushing flame ... ... The ROAR! Rise! By!! ROAR!! Enjoy flying it, the light of humanity's hope!

Disney 3D Cartoon Monster Silicone iPhone 5 Case

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