Monday, October 26, 2015

Shaodong Hunan women victims start accountability program two local officials

On October 26, the shaodong, Hunan official Zhen Xin Lian, Lian Qiao primary school in the County and a woman teacher were killed update: now start an accountability program, the County's new Secretary Li Qiubing investigation, the County's cultural market comprehensive law enforcement Secretary Li Zhengduan dismissal and investigation. Household registration system reform programme

October 18 at 19 o'clock, criminal investigation Brigade received Lian Qiao Zhen Liu shaodong County Public Security Bureau police, says his mother Li Mouyun (52 years, teacher at school) in the town of Lian Qiao Lian primary school, new dormitories were killed. Police crime scene investigation and interviewed after the investigation found that student Liu, Lian Qiao town (13 years old), Zhao Mou (12 years), Sun (11 years old) have a major crime suspects. 19th, Liu was arrested 3 suspects.

Found: 18th, Liu a, Zhao Mou, three Sun planned to lower new primary school teachers to commit robbery. Around 12 o'clock, three low soar to new elementary school dormitory, victim Lee cloud out of the dorm and holding a wooden stick to beat it, and drag the toilet blocked Lee's mouth with a cloth, to Li Mouyun the death of the victims. Liu, Zhao Mou, Sun after a Li Mouyun phone and more than 2000 Yuan cash away.

It is reported that involved 3 underage people, 2 are left-behind children, 1 divorced parents remarry, family education is missing. Teacher reflection of these 3 people are often out of the network, even night without end. "After the crime, they still nothing like playing on the Internet. "

Local officials previously reported that killed teacher Li Mouyun "fatal" approval procedure has been started, Liu 3 underage suspects have been transferred to the school.

At the same time, the County conducted a three-month special rectification action of Internet cafes, 3 suspected of illegal admission of minors to Internet service sites were closed, and to initiate an investigation.