Thursday, October 15, 2015

Today s local news select list company name wife s biggest why is rejected

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Today, anti-corruption still in for, Shenzhen fire Council "slush fund" corruption rot case involved 40 million, retired veteran also was pulled has out; Beijing Jin JI three to track traffic will first breakthrough coordination development, will built 3400 km track traffic, daily across saves Beijing work of Yan rural friends are has Fu has; Shanghai a enterprise named "wife maximum" was dismissed, for violation equality between men and women, also with geographical discrimination does; Guangzhou high Mr to friends sent SMS "and you bet a put", not only was downtime, also to wrote review...... Spoiler ends here, gentlemen, see details below.

The "Guangzhou" a text message to a friend "you bet" was shut down

 "You bet--you think tu be to Sweden brought a Nobel Prize? "Guangzhou high cell phone to a friend send this jokes SMS, he brings in the morning of the second day's" stop the scourge. "

After making sure that phone is enough, doubt Gao consulted with local mobile business Hall. Customer service told him, probably because the message contains sensitive words "bet", so is recognized as spam, and spam may result in downtime. Nanjing prosecutors to BMW car accident case solutions:

"Lying shot in the" higher thought things had come to the end, however, the customer service and then 69-year old Gao wrote "guarantee" and promised not to send spam messages, and stated that if no written commitment to books be registered, processing results are still uncertain. This request was refused by the GAO determined ... ...

Long Dim sum available to when you send text messages, said "traffic jam" typo, mistake don't say "never in anger." Advertising, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism and so on are considered spam. System automatically extract keywords, such as "bet", "card", "violence", "drugs", "property", "amount", "invoice", and so on. Of course, still to be reviewed by the public security organs will only be identified as spam, and take down measures.

The "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei" 3400 km railway will be built for half an hour in Beijing arrived in Tangshan

The "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development" the conceptualization of several characters, maybe you've spent, we have some concrete, coordinated development of mass transit will be the first to break through in the three places.

Investment in Beijing-Tianjin intercity railway company to the media, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will build in the future with "four longitudinal and four transverse link" for the nation's intercity rail network, confirmed planning new 23 Intercity lines, total mileage will reach 3400 km. Beijing Tang, Beijing Ben Thanh is expected to be started during the year.

Yanjiao in Hebei, Beijing commuters ' attention, the fastest progress of jingtang Intercity diagram shows, it will pass through Beijing, Langfang, Hebei, Tianjin baodi, Tangshan, Hebei, about 153 km in length, which includes Yanjiao. Investment in Beijing-Tianjin intercity railway General Manager Miao Zi簃 said: "Beijing Tang-city to reach 350 kilometers per hour, about half an hour to Beijing to Tangshan the fastest time. "

In addition to Beijing and Tangshan, and promote development of related industries, jingtang Intercity is can ease the everyday crowds across the province from Hebei to Beijing commuters woes.

"Shanghai" company name "wife's biggest" was dismissed for breach of equality between men and women

These days, whether you are in your circle of friends also saw an "Enterprise name pre-approval application for on-demand pick-up credentials" images?

This recent hot this credential shows, is applying for a company named "Shanghai wife's largest e-commerce co., Ltd." Together with the "city industrial and commercial Bureau did not agree with the business name, reason is a violation of the principle of equality between men and women is inconsistent with public order," the introductory text.

This really is not a joke, a reporter from the Pudong new area, the market authority verification of this application, this highly recognizable names have been rejected by the registration authorities, request modifications. Lawyers are explained as follows: "wife's largest" so contrary to the name of "gender equality" of the basic spirit of the law, as well as the "largest" this exaggerated propaganda word should not appear in the corporate name.

Don't violate the equality between men and women, "wife in Shanghai's biggest" or geographical discrimination. 3 of China's 23 provinces and 5 autonomous regions municipalities work together around the 2 special administrative regions wife refuses to accept the same table!

"Shenzhen" Fire Department "small coffer" corruption case involving 40 million

Wind of anti-corruption all the more fierce now, who exposed corruption stories can be described as tired of eye-popping surprise.

In 2014, the Shenzhen fire-fighting system with exposed corruption nest case, several officials of the system being checked. However, the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for discipline inspection and the municipal people's Procuratorate formed the project, based on "small coffer" involved in providing clues, "pull carrots out of the mud" detonate the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau and the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Committee, municipal police, municipal building company and a series of discipline cases, involving more than 40 million Yuan.

At present, the registered 44, level 9, level 16, transferred to judicial organs for 20 people, 15 people for public officials, social workers 5. One of them retire the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Deputy Bureau level cadres by party disciplines away, was expelled, and post treatment. Like the widespread magic line, "one way of good and evil, heaven good reincarnation, not looked up, Heaven who bypass. "

"Beijing" CAs start free return West of the National Centre for the Qing dynasty Hutong

Today, National Centre for the housing and environmental improvement works begin on the West side. Works include the Hutong, the Qing dynasty stele, the Ministry of WA, the former fine tile factory and other large cottage free of back alley, involving residents of King Hu.

This time make certain compensation for monetary compensation, in line with the directional placement of applicants can be coordinated by the Government to buy houses. Monetary compensation, including compensation for housing, all grants and awards. Teng return, resettlement, difficulty in the entire hospital family Teng return to normal business operations, as well as suspend the loss compensation scheme.

Meanwhile, on the comprehensive improvement of old residential and shantytowns, Beijing puts in enough effort. 2015, a total of 27 central unit shed project in the Beijing shed modified work plan, 8 projects in the implementation plan, annual plans to complete rehousing 4474.

At the end of September, Beijing has completed 52490 (households) urban renovation of shanty towns, 122% planned for the year ahead and overfulfilled the planned tasks.