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Tiger nose tea sisters versus Sohu infringement hearing claims 1 7 million

The tea just married in the great barrier reef and Liu should now also on their honeymoon, but that does not mean that they are indifferent to slander, on the contrary, Rumormonger, milk tea and Liu show a very strong attitude.

On October 9, this morning, "sister tea" Zhang Zetian against Sohu, China a reputation right case at the Haidian District Court today.

"Milk tea sisters," Zhang Zetian Publisher fabrications spread false statements violate their right to reputation, citing Beijing Sohu Internet Information Services Limited, Mr Hua and prominent bloggers to court, demanding a public apology, deleting links to related video and microblogging, compensation for moral damage compensation totaling 1.7 million yuan of economic loss.

"Nonsense, it's nonsense"

According to Sina science and technology report, "sister tea" Zhang Ze day agents, "said sister tea" fame belonged to Zhang Ze day network accident, neither I, also no planners. China claims that "tea sister" became famous himself planned and Zhang Ze day hype as the most successful case, inconsistent with the facts. Zhang Ze the reputation and influence of physical and psychological harm, and further influenced Zhang Ze day normal study, job-seekers and potential company was founded, it is asking for a public apology, compensation for the economic loss of 200,000 yuan, and compensation for the moral damage solatium of 250,000 yuan.

Prior to that, Sohu Entertainment has released "milk tea sister relationship or as a hyped million publicity team surfaced" video, including "sister tea became popular, it is for the business plan behind the scenes", "1 million, tea sisters spend huge sums of money, people planning became popular", "tea sister school of Tsinghua University fail, cheated, trying to turn", and so on. Requires Sohu public apology, compensation of 300,000 yuan of economic loss, emotional solatium of 250,000 yuan. After receiving the prosecution, Sohu issued an apology at the site location.

Another defendant to a major media called "well-known bloggers", with more than 900,000 fans. On January 12, 2015, released "tea sisters new boyfriend exposé" Twitter, the microblogging said Zhang Ze's new boyfriend film investors is Shenzhen Zhang, said Zhang Zetian entered the entertainment circle development of convenience and choice together with Zhang. Zhang Zetian lawyers believe that fabricating and spreading "prosecuting people to step into the entertainment world someone" false statements. Asking for a public apology, compensation for economic losses. Moschino iPhone 6 case

More than 1.8 million more? Not much, there are 8 million

One is an overbearing Chief Executive, is a tea small Gong Ju, two ages away so much, this marriage, from starting to getting married, amusing attention and gossip, while Liu and tea for the libel, also will not be soft.

From Tiger olfactory of reported, April 15, 2015, for users sent micro-Bo burst material Liu and "tea sister" Zhang Ze days broke up, Beijing East company and CEO Liu think content not real to personal honorary and company business reputation damaged, will Sina micro-Bo "King Dr of spirit homes" account Bo main Wang Wei v to Chaoyang Court, requirements delete related micro-Bo, and apologized and claims spirit damage comfort gold and the economic loss amounted to 8 million Yuan. Chaoyang Court has accepted the case.

Indictment v said, blog made up Liu and "tea sister" love of purpose is consumption chapter ladies of Fame, for Beijing East listed hype, said "in tea body get of advertising effect at least good hundreds of millions of", and "until strong East consumption finished tea, tea didn't fame has, is they broke up of when has, tea didn't what using value has tea also on into has tea bitch. "

Bowen also Liu delete private micro-blogging malware associated with sensitive events, in particular to: "Nanjing Party Secretary were arrested and tea my sister's father was involved in, has been brought under control. Jingdong hurriedly distanced relationship, by deleting Tweets. Inconstancy. "Also fabricated to Liu Zhang Zetian asked for 30 million breakup fee, saying that" 500 million dollars for a mouth tea family, Liu said he didn't have the money, refused to give talks to 30 million, initially wanted to stage, 5 years to pay off, milk tea girl refused, until 2 years included Liu in Shanghai and Beijing real estate closing to tea at the two parents. "

Dr King's spiritual home "account blogger Wang Department of Tianjin University of Commerce real estate economics, land economics lecturer. After learning of the prosecution wished to make public apology to the other party's understanding and do not want to go to court, a waste of judicial resources.

At present, most of the account information has been removed, leaving only the two micro-blog, and is not related to tea Liu.

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