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A woman journalist who died due to domestic violence in Inner Mongolia who hoped

A woman journalist who died due to domestic violence in Inner Mongolia, who hoped that

Journalist Hongmei living pictures.

In hangjin banner, Ordos city, Inner Mongolia radio and television reporter Hong Mei's desk of the Office building, a paper calendar always stay on April 5.

The table, visible traces of her former Office: press release drafts on which pages and some manuscript material, a painting long eyelashes piggy's glasses, and there's no drinking water.

Drawer, put her 13 year old son's homework, a blue and white patterned card, a few thick stack of press releases, and 8 honors: 2008 was named the whole flag outstanding journalists; several times in a row was awarded outreach Awards 2013 was named the advanced women's worker. A businessman said the bribery involved in Gansu

Hong Mei said, her slender fingers to change articles can clearly remember the scene, but she can't write anymore.

The afternoon of April 6, Hong Mei died due to being domestic violence at home. Hangjin County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade, said Hong Mei's husband Jin Zhu was detained for suspected intentional injury, as of April 20, the case is still under further investigation.

19th, FMC Chairman Naren flowers visit Red families in Erdos city, offered to help families of Red Plum urging case handling processes, and to seek legal assistance.

Autopsy found ribs broken 7

A woman journalist who died due to domestic violence in Inner Mongolia, who hoped that

Red the last app.

On April 5 after work, red plum and talk to some friends for dinner, 8 o'clock back home, husband Jin Zhu pulled her into the House of the private car, violence continued for 50 minutes.

"He pulled her mother's hair and the glass hit. "Lesser 13 year old son (not his real name) has seen it all, and told aunt of plum blossom in the next day.

Plum speculated that may be red plum home late, causing Jin Zhu complaints.

Lesser, plum says, the 5th Golden column after the violence in the car on the red, and dragged her into the House, kept on the 6th at 5 in the morning.

6th, hangjin County work safety supervision Bureau Director Liu received a golden column leave the phone, say "something".

A little past 8, red plum plum came to sister's House, told plum evening encounter, plum blossom through the Foundation, can discern the little sister on the nose was bruised.

"She's been clutching the morning of 6th chest discomfort, I help her to leave an organization. "Sister of plum blossom in hangjinqi working radio, film and television center, served as News Director of Chinese, little sister Hongmei was Vice Director.

Plum wants to stay his sister that eating at home. Red Plum worried about his elderly parents to see their bruised nose hurt, rejected sister, gone back to their home.

But this time, goodbye, was dead.

A little after 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Jin Zhu came to his house about 1 km "long macro" canteen. Wife recalls: "he used to buy liquor, that he sat next to the table in the canteen, drink half a bottle, around 4 o'clock, he bought a bottle of wine away. "

A little after 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the small school, mother had to pick him up. He runs home, alone, knocked at the door was locked from the inside. Lesser House is a small second floor some time, he climbed the stairs next to the fence, see Windows open on the second floor, heard dad calling my mother's name "Red Plum, red plum", but MOM did not respond.

Lesser witnessed domestic violence on several occasions. He was a bit scared, ran to her, with plum tells it all. Plum was wrong, riding a car battery with a lesser, 7 o'clock arrived at the Red House.

120 ambulance had downstairs. Yongmei ran into the door in a hurry, Jin Zhu walking around in panic, plum took the shoes start at the door knocked down golden column head, lesser approach to hit that Daddy with his fist.

Doctors are racing at this time lay in the bed of red currants.

But it's too late. "The pupils have spread. "The doctor said.

7th, plum's aunt whose confidential self-mailer participate in forensic autopsy. Dead red plum blossom lying on the cold iron bed Board, its confidential self-mailer saw red chest has two large round bruises ears large black, meat has been festering in the mouth: "forensic opened her scalp, said there is congestion, also. One, two or three, four or five, six or seven, the forensic her broken ribs. "

Until April 19, Hong Mei's family is still waiting for the autopsy report. Family hopes body red plum buried as soon as possible. Police investigators said to red plum family, because her injuries more forensic results may therefore have to wait 20 days to one month.

Little sister left, plum will give her every morning burning paper, "feel this is all a dream. "

Before complaining to friends "to be fun"

A woman journalist who died due to domestic violence in Inner Mongolia, who hoped that

Red Plum parts certificates obtained.

April 1 is red 40 birthday, sister of plum blossom especially through micro credit Mongolian sing happy birthday song for her, red Mongolian replied, "thank you."

Hong Mei grew up in a family of intellectuals. Mother was the hangjin banner Mongolian primary school language teacher, his father was the Vice President of hangjinqi Mongolian secondary schools, parents never relax to red plum and intellectual education.

Later, Hong Mei hangjinqi was a female reporter from the radio, film and television service. She is 1.73-meter, and is the tallest multicompound radio reporter.

Was impressed by colleague Xiao Rong, is Red's passion for news. As long as there are interviews, young reporters who don't want to go, her noises picked up the machines went. Multicompound broadcasting business on the list, often can be seen Hung Mui's name.

Most members affectionately call her "red plum sister".

Red the day of the accident, shock, grief hangs over the multicompound radio news department. And Ms Liu Hongmei worked more than 10 years that day because of grief Taiqi: "they say red is gone, where I said, they said at the funeral home. I don't believe it, think she can come talk to me tomorrow. "

"She used to wash our feet and cooking. After getting married, Jin Zhu irrespective of the home, she had to take care of cerebral infarction's father-in-law. "Red plum mother choked, not talking.

Buying food, cooking, home size and household chores is to Plum someone move about in. Not far from Red Plum home market has a beam boss he knew Jin Zhu has more than 10 years: "all is Hong Mei and her mother to buy vegetables, cooked the dinner also sent to her father-in-law. Jin Zhu has never been whether lesser and Daddy every day drinking, playing mahjong is to drink. "

Red Plum had said to his colleagues brought, she was very tired, "almost like a pull two children. "

The night of the incident, Hong Mei during dinner last odd woman complained to a friend: "to be really boring and tired. "

Alcohol gambling husband

A woman journalist who died due to domestic violence in Inner Mongolia, who hoped that

October 2015 Jin Zhu loafed on the job of writing the outcry.

Jin Zhu is 42 years old, in hangjin County work safety supervision Bureau.

Greengrocer's boss said Leung, Jin Zhu don't laughed a lot, loves playing mahjong, love to drink. But he has a bad wine, no one wants to drink with him: "the human heart is too small, drinking alcohol on swearing, not authentic. He always ' cheated ' cheating red currants. In March this year in my shop, got a call from Red Plum, asking where he was, he said he still did not return to the countryside. "

Red plum blossom friend Wei Lady bad impression of Jin Zhu, she said, Jin Zhu gambling is often lost, owe a debt, red plum she.

Red plum blossom two friends memories for more than 20 years, Jin Zhu "narrow-minded", suspect that red is cheating on him. And Red Plum Party, often received questions call from Jin Zhu. Later, fearing that bring trouble to Hong Mei, friends call her the party less and less.

In 2014, Hongmei studying elementary school held a gathering activity, a group of parents of students at a hotel party. Red plum blossom friend Wei said that Plum happy to drink some wine, parents to send her back home. Haven't entered, Jin Zhu fan Hongmei two ears. Forced parents and Red Plum delivered to her home.

Jin Zhu's performance is not satisfactory. Safety supervision Bureau Secretary Liu, Jin Zhu has been very strict in business, not serious about Jin Zhu at work carried out strict education, last year wanted to return back to his personnel reassigned.

Secretary Liu took a golden column, written in October 2015 outcry in neat handwriting recognition in his work appeared in late, leave early and not serious problems such as absenteeism, and determined to correct them. After that, Jin Zhu performance goes well.

MOM and son love, once said to her, "MOM, divorced"

Hong Mei and Jin Zhu are elementary school students, two people in love, and married in 2000. Red was also the mother of Jin Zhu elementary school teacher, said Jin Zhu performed well as a child, does not quite agree with the couple, but finally I respect her choice.

Each daughter was domestic violence, elderly pain in my heart. The first year of marriage, red is 5 times of domestic violence. In one case, Jin Zhu's father hugged his son and daughter-in-law escape. Red Plum 12 midnight fled home, holding my mother crying.

At that time, Hong Mei's parents suggest that they divorce. But red didn't want to, the old man still respect the idea of red plum.

In 2001, Hong Mei were pregnant, her husband's violence did not stop. That year, conceived in March of red because of domestic violence and abortion. Red Plum family lawyer to write a divorce complaint, referred to the Court, but the Court several times to call Jin Zhu, Jin Zhu did not appear. Over time, Hong Mei also wavered, married and not separated into this time.

Later the couple quarrel continues, Sarina with red 20 colleagues often see red bruise on his leg.

Wife's trial, there is no change to her husband's conscience.

The summer of 2013, plum returned to Jin Zhu chose a short sleeve, the Office said: "hot summer, Jin Zhu Mahjong can wear at night. "

However, in October of that year, Jin Zhu Drunken Fist waving evil to the sleeping wife. Hospital diagnostic red "occipital bone comminuted fracture", Hong Mei's father said, her head recessed egg, half a month in the hospital. During hospitalization, Jin Zhu has never visited red currants.

Son is lesser, 11 years old at that time, as distressed mother, unexpectedly and Hong Mei said: "mum, divorced. "

Hong Mei's parents suggested the couple divorced again, red plum also made up my mind, himself quietly rented a House on the outside, the two men separated for almost a year. Until the end of 2014, Jin Zhu finding red plum home, on two old men kneel to kowtow to repent and said: "I'm over 40, age, my son would not talk to me anymore, I can't go on like this, I swear I will not hit the red plum. "

Red plum blossom once again relented, said she is willing to give Jin Zhu's last chance.

Colleagues feel brought Hong Mei has been in contradiction between love and hate. Red may have notched said: "if I leave a golden column, he'll drink yourself to death. "

"Until the child is older, he will be able to protect me"

Last winter, red plum about Googling odd ladies dinner.

Ms strange sense they may be in trouble, but did not elaborate on, but helpless to say one word: "I will one day die in the man's hand. "

This sentence is an odd Lady mistook a joke: "I said how could it be, when I gave her a golden column next time drink, alarm, go hide. "Red plum listen sighed.

Red's friends, colleagues and family advised her to divorce more than once. At first, the Red Plum worried about divorce bad for her.

Evaluation of her colleagues Ms Liu Hong Mei "to save face". She speculated that Red Plum as a reporter, may not want their family to be in hangjinqi this small talk.

Then have children, lesser red heart's biggest worry.

Ms strange memories, in recent years, only when talking with his son the lesser, Hongmei rare smile. Red Plum and she happily said son eat her shredded, fried meat, potato chips.

Late last year, the odd Lady advised Hong Mei divorced, red or not, she said, "hold on for four or five years, until the child grows up, he will protect his mother. "

For family, red plum and many more concerns. More than once she said to sister of plum blossom, worried about Jin Zhu killed his parents after divorce.

Until March 1 of the year of the coming into force of the people's Republic of China anti-domestic violence law, Hong Mei did not take up legal weapons to protect themselves.

"Red heart too good. "The greengrocer beam boss sadly.

A day before the accident, red plum update a circle of friends, she writes: "in a world of two people is always a badgering, a smile, a noisy, coaxed, if one always loses, not eloquence is not good enough, just didn't want to put the most hurtful words ... ... Bless all people in love, hold your hands and grow old with you. "

A picture of two white-haired old man, men give women wash the feet of women laughing.