Monday, April 18, 2016

Henan 4 drunk fell tableware conflict for public officials the restaurant owner

Nanzhao County Henan 4 national public officers drink and restaurant owners about the deaths caused by the conflict, on April 18, informed the nanzhao County Committee Publicity Department confirmed that 4 people are under criminal detention by public security organs. Reported 4 broken after drinking utensils, with attendant quarrel, tussle, restaurant owner came forward to dissuade stop collapses, dies after scuffle.

Informed said, April 16, nanzhao agricultural Council staff Wu a, and four tree tree Xiang land resources by staff Chu a, and County Attorney staff Zhang a, and white Motte town judicial by staff Lu a carry family weekend out play, noon in four tree tree Xiang "Kowloon Lake farm Le" dinner, then and restaurant staff occurred conflict, raised takes, caused restaurant boss, and four tree tree Xiang peak an Cun Branch Secretary Lee a death.

According to the China business news reported, Lee is also the deceased, nanzhao County deputies someone broke the news that, after drinking and requires signing on behalf of the Government public funds for public officials being refused, the subsequent conflict. However the report did not officially confirm this statement.

According to the bulletin, 4 public officials broke after dinner drinking utensils, and the farm staff some quarrel, tussle, restaurant owner Lee appear discouraged after the suppression, physical confrontation, Lee collapses, dies. Why broken cutlery, wittingly or unwittingly, notification is not indicated.

Reported that nanzhao County Public Security Bureau received the alarm, quickly organized in sikeshu Township Police station, nanhe Dian police, rushed to the scene, control individuals involved according to law, and bring back public security agencies in the investigation. Shenzhen responded no power challenge road of

At present, the police is carrying out an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death, nanzhao County discipline Inspection Commission set up a group, start the accountability mechanisms, Stern disciplinary officers, the County Communist party set up rehabilitation groups, and handling the aftermath of the deceased.