Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mathematics became doing exercise machine Scholars suggest improving mathematics

Mathematics became

Experts suggested that Chinese textbooks are more fragmented, textbook is for the "teaching" service rather than to students "studying" service only "textbook", not "learning materials". Zhang Dong surge information

In 2013, SINA weibo had done "should you get out of college entrance examination in mathematics? "Investigations, when nearly 100,000 users vote discussion. Among them, more than 70,000 users support get out of college entrance examination in mathematics, said he was only "doing exercise machine" only really widely used calculation in real life; only a few users say "learning to develop logical thinking ability of Mathematics". Mathematics as a discipline, hot constantly.

How to teach math, improve students ' interest in mathematics has become a math teacher's teaching points. On March 30, the 21st century international forum on curriculum reform of mathematics held in Nanjing Zhonghua high school concert, Canada kemu·Langen, Chief Executive of the largest mathematics education and training institutions (Kim Langen), Nanjing Normal University Professor Yu Ping, math teacher Xu Bin, a teacher in Jiangsu Province and international experts, on this forum commissioned a study on problems in mathematics education.

Weakening math is bad for national development

Netizens offer "math exit exam" and lists a number of reasons. Tin Ka Ping secondary Pan JianMing, Vice President of Changzhou City said, "this is combing the grounds of ability training of mathematics, mathematical thought imperceptibly influencing their thoughts. "He said surging on news (www.thepaper.CN), mathematical training of human logical reasoning, reasoning ability, this is math the opposite sides of the same coin. If you weaken mathematics education, is conducive to the development of the country, relied on the modernization development of space technology, computer series is based on the math. But many users say, mathematics has become a "doing exercise machine" mathematics teaching should reflect on this problem is indeed.

"Students really exists, and cannot be removed. "Yu Ping, Director of the Institute, Professor of curriculum and instruction, Nanjing Normal University believes that let students learn, first of all is the student you want to analyze intelligence, or the non-intelligence factor, if the intelligence is, non-intellectual cause poor performance, this time to change his non-intellectual factors.

Yu Ping pointed out that teachers should change laws to help weak students. Psychological research on mathematical poor students very much, now engaged in the education of people with human psychology is disjointed, change is something that educators should do.

"We temporarily keep some students called on students and teachers of these students is still love, college entrance examination does not test well don't want to end child prematurely because elementary school lost interest in learning. "Experimental primary school principal Xu Bin fang, Suzhou Industrial Park to surge, said students sometimes are as fun or family environment, teachers hurt the pride and other reasons become a learning difficulty. "To make these temporary learning difficulties but also to feel that mathematics is not so terrible, foster mathematical interest in our school, through the activity of the ways children learn math through math stories, math games, math games and other activities to maximize their interest in learning mathematics. Teachers of our school also wants to hold annual math section, not by the sea of cognitive mathematics, but to let students understand math history and culture. " Obama on Cuba s historic ice breaking visit request

Existing problems in the mathematics education

"China has a great deal of mathematics education textbook fragmentation. "Pan JianMing stated that, on the one hand, Chinese teaching materials are not contiguous, to keep costs low for each section is not sufficient. In his view, is not conducive to children learning Chinese mathematical teaching material, knowledge of line. United States mathematical textbooks have over more than 400 pages of first-year students, on knowledge of the occurrence and development of very complete and very interesting, children can learn. China books to teachers "teach" services rather than to students "studying" service only "textbook", not "learning materials".

The other hand, China education not teaching, so many parents and led plane view of foreign education, believe their math is simple. Introduced pan JianMing, mass education and elite education abroad is in fact separate, elite education in mathematics learning is not easy. Since China is now the main development of mass education, insufficient development of the elite, the so-called elitist education only Olympiad and Mathematical Olympiad of heat is used exclusively for further studies, and not simply in order to improve the mathematical ability.