Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hubei Institute of fine arts flower long dolls school said students work within

Hubei Institute of fine arts flower

Hubei Institute of fine arts photos of Zang campus flowerbed maxed social platforms such as Twitter. Views United States policy high risk potential

10 simulation of baby is buried in the University's flower bed soil on or in the soil, some accompanied by smoke, some showing little hands, some showing a head, for the enjoyment of students and teachers in the past.

Recently, this group of Hubei Institute of fine arts photos of Zang campus flowerbed maxed social platforms such as Twitter, author of sculpture Department senior students of the school, these "dolls" are the public art homework, meaning bursting onto the scene flourish.

Arrangement before the sculptures in the school, students and curriculum teacher Eli WAN communications, although there is no consensus, but she couldn't wait to finish the job, the move. In interview with Hubei, Zhang Tongxue explained: "I would just want to ask the people to see, they are all big, access to the Academy of fine arts on behalf of their longing for art. "

SINA launched the "flower-growing doll, what do you think about it? "This vote, 48.2% of users choose" scared baby ", 30.7% of users choose" I don't understand art. "

Hubei Institute of fine arts flower

Some netizens said, "the good terrorist, if accompanied by lights at night, that way ensuring not many people go. "" Can't really understand the art, you sure is not a campus thriller? "

There are also netizens who expressed their understanding, "obviously would like to express from the land gave birth to life in mind how scary? "" Academy of fine arts has been encouraging the pursuit of individuality. Even if you don't understand, will not be denied. "

For student work in online triggered controversy, on April 7, the Hubei Institute of fine arts League in its public dispatch wrote on the micro-signals: "we just have a relaxed academic atmosphere of their campus, carefully complete a coursework, art school children is common is not surprising. May be a bit immature, but also direct expression of ideas and the impact achieved. Limitations, let time and accumulate slowly grinding it out. "

On this matter, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), reporters interviewed Zhang Song Tao, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Department of sculpture, Director. Zhang Song Tao said he also heard the matter. "It's nothing, is an average student to try, as well as job, may need to improve, areas for improvement, but in this way, can also receive feedback and learn from them. "

Zhang Song Tao said, to be more public art pine, constraints on the students as little as possible, hoping to stimulate the imagination and creativity of students. Students may have some "special" behavior, but within tolerance at school.