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Sex education 20 Battle of ideas still exist sex younger age trend for the first

2013, dang sex science author "Queen C-cup" a night red again network Shi, engaged in sex education, and sex psychological Advisory, and sex scientific research of professional institutions "new gold game work room" official named, domestic of sex education network platform "green apricot" are preparatory online, and is committed to with Internet help parents on children for sex education of "guardian innocence" project group, is began from school community to social enterprise transformation.

That same year, editor in Chief of the sex education lesson plan library scholar Fang to Shandong province and free training in sex education for high school teachers, persons claiming to be the parents of students accused of "incitement" and threatened to "throwing shit".

Survey shows that in recent years, Chinese young people clear trend of low age of first sex, Internet sex education hot hits. Today, society's attitude to sex education, a certain degree within a certain range remains in the phase of the battle of ideas, for primary and secondary schools in most cities of China, and Deputy exists only in a textbook on sex education to no more than one section of content.

Sex education 20: Battle of ideas still exist, sex younger age trend for the first time there has been a significant

Sexologists Hon Vincent Fang Kang

Sex education effect of 20 years of worrying

"We who grew up a little enlightenment, most of the sources of knowledge are little yellow book, erotic videos, is there anything that the family doctor magazine. "Qing XING network, one of the heads of 27 years old Coco said.

Within the education system in China, sex education has a more subtle name: "adolescent". As early as in 1988, the former State Education Commission and the State family planning Commission jointly released the notice on adolescent education at secondary school, sex education was formally incorporated into the content of secondary education in China.

In December 2001, the State Council promulgated the People's Republic of China on population and family planning law, which States: "should be among the students of the school in order to meet the characteristics of a proper way to education, there are plans to carry out health education, adolescence education or health education. "At this point, the youth access to sex education and school education obligations should, is guaranteed in law.

However, 2011 according to a survey of middle school students in Chongqing, known knowledge of high school students surveyed, 62.7% comes from the media (including Internet, film and television, extracurricular books), only 22% of respondents knowledge from courses or teachers, insufficient knowledge by parents inform people about sex 13%. In addition, in 2009 according to a Beijing more than a thousand college students in six tests, the overall accuracy of college students ' sexual knowledge is only 34.5%.

Institute of sociology, Renmin University in 2010, random sample of the national population aged 14-17, which show: 78% of the young people surveyed are still in "masturbation is a Vice" prejudice under the oppression of; in knowledge of contraception, to test "men and women if only one life, so the women's chances of getting pregnant is very small. You had this to say, do you "agree with the error of the boys surveyed, only one-fourth, and the girls even to one-fifth.

Established by law for ten years, sex education began 20 years later, the practical implementation and effect of Chinese education is still worrying.

"Actually, we want to refer to is the integration of sex education into compulsory education, but so far is still relatively slim. "Wuxi protection technology, project manager Zhao Xiuwen Doug said. The tech company was formerly Southern Yangtze University students association "protect heart" project group, has now registered as social enterprises, NGO, business, parent and child-oriented training courses.

According to Zhao Xiuwen said, sex education in China, relying mainly on student associations, social organizations and foundations and other civil society organizations.

As for why mainstream education channel cannot assume the corresponding responsibility, he gave three reasons: first, the examination-oriented education is the mainstream and, secondly, teachers and parents are on a very sensitive topic; third, the State has no detailed plan.

Countries have not tried. As early as 2008 published by the Ministry of health education in primary and secondary schools syllabus, it explicitly requested: primary school student in grade one or two, should have basic knowledge of life breeding, growth, knowing that "where I come from". In 2011, a book called the book of growth expectation, plan to put into use in Beijing primary school education.

The book is a "mode of Beijing's primary and middle school education was first built" the research results of the project, a project commissioned by the Beijing Municipal Commission of education, and sex education sex education and research center of capital Normal University and Beijing Association assume. But, because we have introduced the concept of sexual intercourse, and is equipped with a picture, the book is considered by parents and teachers, even dismissed it as "yellow comics."

Beijing Municipal Education Commission under the pressure of public opinion to clarify, this is not a sex education textbook, the Beijing municipal educational administrative departments at all levels for the time being there is no sex education textbooks related projects and the preparation of plans, pilot projects and extension programmes.

Sexologists Fang speaks bluntly: "prevalent among some of the public mood, and sensitive to children's education. Sensitive and child-sensitive, two together, shaking, trembling. Such sentiments make educators can't do, make the Government departments dare not do, making parents afraid to do, this is the (sex education) major resistance. "

According to Durex global survey in 2005, the global 98% of respondents who think that teenagers should begin from the age of 16 or more formal sex education, while in mainland China, this ratio is only 13%. In addition, only 0.1% of the Chinese respondents claimed at the age of 10 or more trained early sex education, while the global average was 8% per cent.

Sex education 20: Battle of ideas still exist, sex younger age trend for the first time there has been a significant

"Do you see" CEO Chai Ke

"The elephant in the room"

Sex education may lack curiosity and confusion about sex is the only way to grow.

Attention to women's health mobile apps APP ": see" CEO of Chai Ke mentioned in an article, a 13 year old girl first confused, panicked, but never went back to parents and teachers, and opted for an anonymous network software for help. Chai Ke as a girl father sighs, as he later did "great aunt Bible" of the 400 in the first place.

Qing XING in feel, the founder wrote: "physical and sexual, young people can have so much confusion and anxiety. Small to think private organs and others do not like big unintended pregnancy overwhelmed, every issue makes me feel anxiety over the screen. "

Qing XING network core fan group is young people aged 18-25. Between the minors and between married persons, their faces no longer panic at menarche or "where I come from" question, but more for the body and sexuality, sexual confusion.

Interaction in the background, Coco has received many questions about contraception, including figure legends in the market. Many fans filled with worry asked: coitus interruptus, or safe, or even done bring the Cola to wash the private parts ... ... Can you be pregnant?

Coco is overwhelming, she attributed the lack of sex education in early years, and the situation in China as "the elephant in the room": everyone pretending not to see, but is essentially a huge, can't really ignore.

In January 2015, social survey research center, Peking University Institute of Baihe dating 2015 released investigation report of Chinese love and marriage status, "after 95" respondents, sex for the first time with an average age of less than 18 years old, to 17.71. "Do you see" 2016 issued the white paper on Chinese women's physical health, also known as: 70% women have sex before marriage, and sex of younger age trend is clearly for the first time.

"People have such requirements. Like a person to drink water, you don't give him clean water, he must drink dirty water. What is the clean water? Is public. Everyone participating in this discussion, is clean, open, and if you worry, you join the discussion. "" Bitch Jam FM "host bird said. "Bitch Jam FM" is an autonomous private radio advocates female independence, lust, love, sex, on relationships.

So philosophy, catch up with the rapid development of the Internet era, almost no progress for 20 years in the blink is far behind the traditional educational channels. "Bitch Jam FM" since December 1, 2015 was launched, in five months, more than 3.7 million times on demand, fans are "after the", "95".

Sex education 20: Battle of ideas still exist, sex younger age trend for the first time there has been a significant

Battle of ideas

The age of the Internet, when "sex" information at your fingertips when discussing "whether to talk about sex" itself, it is pointless.

Meanwhile, spread obscene information in person, someone who is committed to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, against speaking openly about people who are powerful under the combined effect of the Internet, with the speed and degree of exposure to public view as never before.

Huge amounts of complex information, how receivers need a sieve, became the focus of debate.

Vincent Fang advocates "empowering education" idea that everyone responsible to determine their own affairs relating to the body's ability and right. He said, "does not have in the absence of sex education in the past, in the absence of sex education on the rights situation was denied. So we must increase empowerment, training ' human rights ' and the values of gender equality. "

Sex education 20: Battle of ideas still exist, sex younger age trend for the first time there has been a significant

Science writer "Queen C-cup"

Science writer "Queen C-cup" agrees. She admits that adolescence is not her audience, she did not sex education, but adult-oriented science. But, "because we have no sex education, so now the science is kind of education, everyone from here to get lacking knowledge, correct wrong ideas. "

She writes in a microblog: "come on, look at the Blackboard and repeat after me: I was my own for the first time, not for men. My times are my own and not of any one partner. "

In an interview, "Queen C-cup" added: "a woman had had sexual experience is inferior, boyfriend or husband suddenly has the right to judge her, she suddenly needs to ask other people for forgiveness. This physical body, elevated concept of women of their right to dispose of the body, I am against it. "She shares the view that, as a big country, China has no reason not to do sex education, but if you're" chastity ", that would rather not.

It ran counter to traditional mainstream education.

In 2010, in television, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Bai Wanqing, advise unmarried young women, self-esteem, and stressed: "chastity is a girl for her most valuable dowry." In 2012, at the age of 38 female master tushiyou create, Wuhan University promotes chastity before marriage site and launch is "Virgin" medical examination report.

Meanwhile, sex education has long been deemed sensitive by one of the main reasons is that worry that incorrectly can lead to sexual promiscuity. Vincent Fang and "Queen C-cup" sex education philosophy, directly hit the opponent's "gun".

According to Phoenix weekly reported, Fang in Shandong for sex education Shi, had has claiming to be is "children in Shandong reading of middle school students mother" of plum, in network Shang published to middle school students parents of proposal and to party of open letter, denounced party just "to science, and education for name, line salacious Kinky of real, its poison, and destroyed next generation of ambitions has becomes".

"Sex education" to some extent a taboo subject. Zhao Xiu-wen said children sex education, now does best is painless promotions, "although I strongly feel that condom promotion will replace it with better." He particularly mentioned the media criticism, news to relate, becomes a sensitive topic, only in this way will continue sensitive.

"One has to face the problem, the problem can be solved. "Zhao Xiu-wen said.

Vincent Fang went further saying, mature and open attitudes about sex should be treated as anything else to talk about, rather than as a problem. "The most important thing is that we talk about sex and very calm, like eat, talk on the weather. "

In 2016, the group voice lessons he began the use of the letter in the form of lectures, and opened a personal micro-public, in addition to talking about sex education, also talk about intimacy and diversity.

At this point, "Queen C-cup" is already sitting on more than 800,000 fans, also published a book, the taste of the first bite of the Apple. Public hospital reform programme announced in

Qing XING network has been closed and re-opened, gathered a group of loyal fans. "The new Kinsey Studio" in the face of challenges, but two students ' science summer camp has also launched the first personal education MOOC courses.