Saturday, April 9, 2016

Vanke Kui sheng sea life behind the transfer of the right to vote ahead of the

Vanke 8th evening announcement said the huge manpower company shareholders on April 6 with consistent action before hairenshou vote transfer agreements have been signed, huge manpower to its direct holdings of 926 million shares, indirectly holds full voting rights for 547 million shares of irrevocable, free transfer to the former hairenshou, 1.473 billion shares total shares. Theme stock outbreak gem rose more than 4 the

After the entry into force of the agreement, before the sea life is entitled to in accordance with the agreements and the Constitution of vanke Kui Sheng China vanke, or through the information management plan to control all the shares corresponding to the general meeting of shareholders the right to vote. After the transfer of the right to vote, before the sea life to 736 million shares, with 2.209 billion shares corresponding to the right to vote (20% per cent of the total share capital), Kui Sheng hua, directly and indirectly, to 1.946 billion shares, with voting rights corresponding to 472 million shares.

As of now, hairenshou, Kui Sheng together vanke a-share before 2.681 billion shares, vanke 24.29% of the total share capital. Public information display, huge manpower for the former hairenshou's controlling shareholder, actual control between per capita to Yao Zhenhua.

Vanke also released by simple changes in equity of the report showed that for the cause for the transfer of the right to vote, ex-hairenshou and huge manpower said it was "out of the need for centralized management of the right to vote."

However, the reason may not be so simple.

On April 9, the caixin reported that CRC intends to take over "treasure series" held by China vanke shares.

Reports quoted sources as saying that the CR and Po before the Spring Festival in the Singapore meeting, discuss vanke shares a matter, but the programme has not been discussed at that time China resources ' senior recognition.

On March 12, however, China vanke and Shenzhen Metro cooperation, vanke, and is expected to become the largest shareholder after the announcement, China resources has changed the attitude. Reports that vanke and Shenzhen Metro cooperation, China resources senior opposition and without intervention. Increased number of bargaining chips which makes Yao Zhenhua.

So, alienation of April 8, the right to vote is very intriguing. This means that sea life before even though only owns a small stake, but it has most of the right to vote.

While China resources and the former hairenshou early work closely together. In October 2014, China resources and the former sea before hairenshou for the development of Shenzhen huarun Center sea before the establishment of China resources land limited, 4.305 billion yuan of registered capital. Top five from China resources land, four people from the former hairenshou.

Currently, shares of vanke, China resources has 15.29%. Once the two sides settled, if sea life before this part with a higher voting shares sold at a higher price to the CRC, the CRC will have spent more than 30% of the right to vote, equivalent to a certain extent have the rights of major shareholders.

Vanke a, since its last December suspended still in the restructuring during the suspension phase.

The night of March 31, vanke again release progress report on restructuring, said during the suspension period, the significant assets of the company reorganization-related work, and some progress has been made. This bulletin reiterates, vanke has multiple recombinant object.

Vanke on March 12, 2016 and Shenzhen Metro Group Ltd (hereinafter "Metro") signed a memorandum of cooperation.

In addition to Metro Group, vanke said in December 25, 2015 on the proposed deal with another potential counterparties signed a letter of intent which is not legally binding. In addition to the potential counterparties block vanke is still in negotiations and consultations with other potential counterparties.

Analysts said that, regardless of the potential rivals and the rest of Metro Group is restructuring, restructuring plan ultimately needs to pass all the shareholders vote.

Is worth noting that on April 27 China vanke will Mei Shahuan road, Yantian district, Shenzhen vanke Centre, 33rd the convening of the 17th session of the tenth session of the Board, consideration of company financial statements for the first quarter of 2016, reports and related matters.