Friday, November 6, 2015

Expeditionary Force returning remains blocked the local Chinese organizations

Expeditionary Force returning remains blocked, the local Chinese organizations and domestic charities

China Expeditionary Force of dead human remains repatriation activities planned, and after nearly two days of coordination and negotiation, still to no avail. Surging journalists rights

Scheduled for November 5 in tengchong, Yunnan province greeted 347 Chinese Expeditionary Force (in 1942 and went to fighting the Japanese in Burma) remains the returning ceremony were canceled. Event organizers 6th response of Shenzhen Charity Fund, local Chinese organizations for Myanmar "Myitkyina in Myanmar, Yunnan natives" (descendants of members for the expeditionary force, hereinafter Association) ran aground of refusal remains home to activities currently being negotiated on both sides, returned or will be delayed, but the remains of the martyrs must be "home".

The activities of the Association are not returned the remains of one of the parties, but remains unable to home in on those members of the overseas Chinese, and temporarily stored in a Chinese Cemetery Association all members.

On November 6, according to a statement issued by the Association through Myitkyina in Myanmar all Chinese counsel, insisted that expedition the remains should be buried in Myitkyina and the remains of their displaced to the Dragon, the Charity Foundation issued a total of 6 queries.

The Declaration issued by the afternoon, Dragon, the charitable foundation has held a news conference, Chairman Sun Chunlong remains blocked for returning the notification instructions.

Expeditionary Force returning remains blocked, the local Chinese organizations and domestic charities

It is regrettable that, does not back the car mount Valhalla remains. Cheng Yi-hui surging journalists

Long charitable foundation, first of all, the statement declared that "the mining expedition remains to their displaced in Kunming, Yunnan, the cemetery has 30 acres of land required to implement" challenge: hear move and was buried in Hunan, Yunnan shidian process selected. "East or West, South or North, I do not know where tomorrow will be moved? Words, and is not, what is the letter with? "

Sun Chunlong responded, in the cemetery of choice, the Association heard is to place the remains in Hunan, this is not the way, remains eventually will be buried in Yunnan. "We want to put the remains in Yunnan, Yunnan experts lead agreed place in Yunnan, shidian find Foundation on the matter, the Foundation combines the views of its members, will address again to move to Yunnan shidian. "

The statement said Dragon charitable foundation, contempt of Myitkyina, overseas Chinese: since the beginning of excavations of the remains, Myitkyina Chinese effort to cooperate after the remains moved to the Chinese Cemetery Association, doubly careful care. Foundation held a press conference in Beijing, who invited people from different sectors, Myitkyina, Yunnan natives not be told.

To respond to this Sun Chunlong, Vice President of the Foundation on October 31 after reaching Myitkyina, as soon as negotiations with natives who, when negotiations fail. However Sun Chunlong thought natives were just against this matter, does not expect that associations will store remains locked and used vehicles blocked the door.

Sun Chunlong said that when the activity is blocked, he found the local overseas Chinese for communication, but communication failures. That night, the Sun Chunlong delegate, President of the Association Secretary, the President refused to meet with. "I found the local Ministry of Civil Affairs, embassies and local overseas Chinese organizations to help with work, but have failed. The next day, I also find prestigious monks do the final work on the ground, still fails. "

Expeditionary Force returning remains blocked, the local Chinese organizations and domestic charities

On November 3, the expeditionary force sacrificed soldiers ' families after arriving in Myanmar, rebirth ceremony was held on the ground. Surging journalists rights

Statement in the 3rd questioned said, Expeditionary Force remains their displaced activities was in the, and Myanmar Central Government batch Huai for not real of remarks: Dragon more Charity Foundation claimed remains their displaced of thing has was Myanmar Central Government approved, this, aboveboard of thing, please the Foundation show Myanmar Central Government batch Huai file, and please known Myanmar paper who translation into Chinese straight; another has the Foundation provides to the will of Government batch Huai file, only for activities description a copies, by column content for Foundation recently activities process, Inscription for the Foundation and a number of participating communities, chapter two of these societies is not checked.

Press Conference, Sun Chunlong seem aggrieved. To this, long the Foundation to this incident for the 4-year-long, make an application to the Government of Myanmar during this "fair" to Myitkyina, without government permission, cannot go into. Sun Chunlong showed presence of reporters the Myanmar Government approvals, says if you need a specific file to reporters the next day mail. As of press time, the surging news does not receive mail.

The statement also questioned the Dragon, the charitable foundation of Chinese expeditionary force remains their displaced the hype: Chinese Expeditionary Force soldiers are national heroes killed in Myitkyina. In April 2014, Sun Chunlong leads dozens of people across China since flying to Kunming, and fly, and then fly to Myitkyina, only condolences two expeditionary forces veteran of 500 yuan per person per month the cost of living, each of six months, a total of about 6000. But its costs over hundreds of thousands of Yuan, amounts to many good people in this and that.

Sun Chunlong response these condolences to Yunnan charity-sponsored events, long only with the allocation of a Director, and the Director fees are borne by the Yunnan charitable, Dragon does not bear any associated costs.

In this regard, the Yunnan charitable surging news-general Li Yong confirmed that from July 2014, the Yunnan Provincial Charity Federation on the condolence activities started caring for war veterans, to every war veteran 500 Yuan a month in living expenses. In January 2015, Yunnan charity with Dragon, the Charitable Foundation launched a 6-day sympathy to veterans of the war activities, came to Myitkyina in Myanmar to see a host of local veterans. At that time, the charity Association in three people, including his, Dragon, the charitable foundation, only one person, other reporters went on. And the activities funded by the Yunnan charitable commitments, including payment of consolation money to veterans, has spent tens of thousands of Yuan.

Statement shelling Dragon more Charity Foundation "completely regardless of Chinese overseas situation and feel": the large remains their displaced of thing sensitive and complex, Foundation not was effective formal of batch Huai file, also not and Myitkyina Chinese community contact communication, completely regardless of in Myanmar Chinese of subtle survival State, also ignored now are in Myanmar election of sensitive moments, organization huge team, mighty marched Myitkyina meet remains.

Sun Chunlong said long philanthropic foundations and associations are private, but not on the remains looking for civil society and Government. From beginning to end, as one way to Burma's civil institutions, the Dragon will have on the local strength of the overseas institutions express respect for: included at the time of the event invitation, and the remains returned to start, cross went to visit. Rainbow attack in Zhanjiang 1 8 million power

The statement pointed out that in the 6th question, Myitkyina Chinese expeditionary force remains how to place one thing, since the beginning of September the number of meetings to discuss. In mid-September, meeting this resolution remains to be buried in Myitkyina in the Chinese cemetery, and promptly inform Dragon's Charitable Foundation, which has not been ignored, his own way.

Sun Chunlong response, the Association is just one of Myitkyina, dozens of overseas Chinese bodies and long relationship between charitable foundations and associations "just took it a room for placing human remains" in September, Dragon is no association on the buried remains of the notification has been received, reportedly part Association wants the remains to stay in Myanmar, while the Foundation is taking part. "I was listening to it you feel incredible, it ran counter to Long Yue values. We did not find them, they are not actively looking for us. "

Expeditionary Force returning remains blocked, the local Chinese organizations and domestic charities

On November 4, the expeditionary force sacrificed soldiers unearthed in the remains to the families at the bow. Surging journalists rights

Sun Chunlong said the next Foundation will continue negotiations with the Association, except for heroes outside the home that is not a compromise, other issues can be negotiated such as compensation or cooperation. "Hope to every martyr in the future to establish a monument for heroes to rest in peace. "

On in launches held day, China standing Myanmar Embassy spokesman said, China Government on Heroes remains placed problem are with Myanmar concerned for deliberations, strive to early made properly arrangements; not in favour of anyone, and any organization on Heroes remains unilateral made arrangements; on by occurred of not happy event was regrets, hope concerned in government sector of guide Xia strengthening communication, and coordination, together, common put this pieces event do real, and do good.