Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hu Bai Xueshan Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for discipline inspection

Hu Bai Xueshan, Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for discipline inspection to the research of Ningxia night checked

Photo: CFP

On November 6, said Zhang Research Symposium on clean government work in Ningxia, pay close attention to the overall strictness of party Committee of Ningxia, advancing four "full" at the same time, practical responsibility of honest at heart, on his shoulders, grasping hands, did a solid job, honest work has obvious progress, significant achievements were made.

He pointed out that to strictly administering the party as a full four "full" one of the key layout, further deepen the understanding. We should conscientiously implement the party controls the party, strictly administering the party of responsibility, practice well the inspection work of rectification, rectification work responsibility combined with economic construction as the center of a performance, and implement leaders ' "ready" provisions together. In addition, a solid grasp of "two statutes" studying and carrying out, of conscious political know-how. Shaanxi Association for new law teachers not be

However, when 22:23, the ccdi website message, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Bai Xueshan suspected serious disciplinary violations, currently under investigation. This is Ningxia's "Tiger" ended in Ningxia since 18 free "Tiger" situation. At present, the domestic provinces, municipalities only in Beijing and Shanghai without "big tiger".

Bai Xueshan, 54 years old, wuqi and long-term work in Ningxia. According to caixin reported, Bai Xueshan rather tough political style, is controversial in the local officials, once demolition, made his reputation in the folk is not good, is what people call ' white split '. In addition, the snow fall or by making use of his facilities, concerning business activities related to help their relatives.

In fact, prior to the Bai Xueshan Lok Ma, 18 anti-corruption storm will spread to Ningxia, between late March and late May of last year, the central inspection teams had conducted a two-month tour of Ningxia, in July, the inspection group has criticized officials in Ningxia, "abuse".

"Some government investment project construction management irregularities, some leading cadres ' violation of children and other relatives in business to do business within their jurisdiction, some illegal interference with public resources transactions and tendering of leading cadres abusing power for personal gain,-related funds violation multiple cases. "Inspection teams directly point out problems in Ningxia.

Visits Group also found, Ningxia of some cadres received gift gold, and "red" culture still compared serious, some using religious custom enrichment, make achievement engineering, and image engineering problem still exists; in cadres selection appointments aspects, has Alliance, and greeted, and "hidden" canvassing phenomenon, individual place and units "head" shots, checks not strict, and with "disease" promoted, exists Super vocational number equipped with cadres, and preparation not on-the-job problem.

This year, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region were in anti-corruption work, "Kung Fu". According to Ningxia Hui autonomous region, discipline message, Ningxia autonomous regions in mainstream media and network Shang announced reported phone, and set reported platform, multi-channel collection reflect discipline monitored cadres problem of petition reported, total on 7 name implementation supervision responsibility poor of discipline (discipline group) head for has responsibility held, which, Office level cadres 2 people, at level cadres 3 people; give party disciplines disposition 5 people, commandments Mian talk 2 people.

As of September 30 this year, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in the autonomous region received letters and visits report 4,316 (), early nuclear 1283, Office-537, punishment imposed party disciplines, 468. Have investigated and dealt with under the Central eight moral issue 44, dealing with relevant responsible persons 61, punishment imposed party disciplines 43, 9 to 22 disciplinary cases against called upon to inform the name exposure.

After 18, Ningxia Lok Ma Office include State-owned assets supervision Director Huang Zongxin, autonomous region Public Security Bureau Vice Director Jia Fenqiang, autonomous region, former Deputy Director of the Office of transportation Yang Youming, Zhongwei city Vice Mayor Liu Zhonghu, yinchuan municipal party Committee Standing Committee of the former Xia Xiyun party former member of Zhang Xingbin, wuzhong and so on.