Wednesday, November 18, 2015

State Department urban and rural compulsory education starting in 2017 to provide

State Department: urban and rural compulsory education starting in 2017 to provide free textbooks

Li keqiang (photo source: Xinhua)

Premier Li keqiang chaired a State Council Executive meeting November 18, identified measures to improve public services, to facilitate the masses continued decentralization entrepreneurship; deployed to speed up technological upgrading of enterprises and promote industry towards high-end; decided to unify urban and rural compulsory education funds guarantee mechanism, promoting the Equalization of public services in the field of education.

It was noted that adaptation requires the development of new towns, integration of countryside compulsory education funds guarantee mechanism and urban education award and subsidy policies, and establish a unified urban and rural compulsory education funds guarantee mechanism, the realization of "two exempt and one subsidy" funding student mobility to be carrying, is to deepen the reform, promote equal access to basic public services, promote social equity and take a new step.

It was decided that one is starting from 2016, the spring semester, national unity to determine public funding base quota of urban and rural compulsory education schools (including private schools) by no less than the fixed standard grant. Increasing heating area boarding schools, the North school and small school subsidy levels. Encourage combining increased public subsidy standards.

Second, from 2017, the spring semester began, unify urban and rural compulsory education students (including students in private schools) exemption from tuition and fees, free textbooks, supplementary boarders living on poor families. The application of the policy, centrally by the Central and local levels, a proportional share of funding of the project, the next two years will add financial invested more than 15 billion yuan. Former Vice Governor of Hainan Ji Wenlin a court

It was noted that significantly improved public services, are important contents of decentralization reforms, can facilitate production and daily life, promoting entrepreneurship, much innovation, stimulate market activity and social creativity, but also of safeguarding people's rights and interests. Meeting in some departments and local community concerns, launched the initiative positively for the convenience, requires constant effort, strive for new achievements.

Is a comprehensive and open areas, departments and related agency, State-owned enterprises and public services directory listing, and dynamically adjust. Guidelines for the preparation of services itemized, processes, models, and time limits set out. Second, simplifying procedures, integrated as the exploration sector is divided into Office window window, change "long acceptance" as "inadmissible."

Third, accelerated at all levels of Government, departments and State-owned enterprises and institutions relating to public services information exchange between shared, check check. Relying on "Internet +", promote the offices interrelated, change "people running back and forth" to "departmental coordination offices", from the source to avoid "cycle proved" that best facilitate the masses. Also, to promote the construction of Government governed by law, it was decided, in the first cleanup from 2001 to 2013 on the basis of State Department documents, inconsistent with the existing laws and regulations, has been the new provisions cover or replace and obsolete 489 documents declared invalid.

Considered speeding up technological upgrading of enterprises, so that "made in China" strong gluten bone health, improve quality and efficiency, forming new competitive advantages, is an important measure to improve the supply and demand, as a matter of urgency, more long-term plan. Conference determine, focused China manufacturing 2025 focus field, play Enterprise subject role, according to has keep pressure of principles, to market for oriented, to improve quality benefits for target, started implementation a major technical upgrade engineering, support light, and textile, and steel, and building materials, traditional industry has market of enterprise improve design, and process, and equipment, and energy efficiency, level, effective reduced cost, support innovation type Enterprise and industries growth.

To this end, the technological upgrading of industrial enterprises to publish guidelines, preparation of annual key technological upgrade project-oriented program, guide social capital factors such as orientation and stimulate enterprise docking market demand for independent upgrades of power. Two simplified preparation procedures, promote the parallel approval, accelerate project ground, research and promotion of qualified and does not require technical upgrading project of construction land commitments for the record management.

Thirdly, promoting the implementation of fiscal support measures, innovative technological transformation in the central budget funds use, improve capital efficiency, encourages local Government to increase support for technological upgrading. Improving financial services, improve financing guarantees, risk compensation and incentive mechanisms to encourage banks to loan restructuring, technological transformation upgrade credit and support enterprises to expand direct financing. Encourage using crowdsourcing to raise to help finance gathering wisdom, breakthrough technological upgrade problems.