Saturday, November 14, 2015

Guo shengkun firmly fight critical arrogance

Guo shengkun firmly fight critical arrogance

National counter terrorist work leading group and the Ministry of public security held 15th Conference on anti-terror video (source: Ministry of public security website) What important news in the past week Interface

The latest report of the Ministry of public security's website, the anti-terrorism work leading group and the Ministry of public security held 15th joint anti-terror video conference, informed about the series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France, deploying a solid job against terror prevention response.

AP Europe news station (Euronews) reported that France Sgt Morin 15th around 2 o'clock in the morning held a press conference of the Prosecutor of the Republic confirmed that terrorist attacks have killed at least 129 people were killed, 352 wounded, 99 of them were seriously injured. Moran said 7 terrorists have been killed, including one of the terrorists who have no criminal record and records.

In 15th of anti-terrorist work topic video conference Shang, State, and national anti-terrorist work led group leader, and Ministry of public security Minister Guo shengkun, stressed, regions, and the sector to seriously learning implement XI General Secretary and Meng jianzhu comrade, Central led on strengthening anti-terrorist work of important indicates instructions spirit, always put people life property security put in first, strengthening organization led, strengthening security prevention, strengthening intelligence warning, analogy, and solid do current anti-terrorist and social surface control the work, Ensuring public safety and social stability.

Guo shengkun, requirements, levels leaders to always insisted people life property first, deep awareness current anti-terrorist struggle of severe sex complexity, strongly overcome paralysis thought and fluke psychological, firmly stretched tight anti-terrorist struggle this root string, courage to play, and dared to is responsible for, effective strengthening on anti-terrorist work of organization led, do should various complex situation and situation of prepared and work prepared, take up ensure party peace, and maintenance party stable of major duties task.

Guo shengkun, stressed that to perfect the social security prevention and control system, and strengthen the social aspects of the overall prevention and control and measures to further enhance the work of refining the strengthen the key position, a key place prevention and control, strengthening joint patrolling and security precautions, firmly plug the loopholes, make up the short Board, eliminate hidden dangers. Strict control over guns, the dangerous and explosive goods and delivery logistics, enhance the contradictions and disputes resolved, efforts to prevent cases from the source event and the occurrence of extreme violence.

Guo shengkun, requirements to strengthen anti-terrorism intelligence analysis analysis, precision strike, improve predict early-warning capacity for prevention efforts before action is destroyed in storm activity. Must closely rely on the masses, relying on the grass-roots level, adhere to the groups combined, the midges, comprehensive, good anti-terror war. To maintain high-pressure deterrence posture of storm activity, advancing the special action for strike suddenly and violently and resolutely fight critical arrogance.

Terrorism is a threat to the security and stability of the country and nation. Against terrorism, always uphold the crackdown by the Chinese Government.

13th after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France, XI Jinping, Chinese President to France President Francois hollande to condolences. XI in addition to expressed deep condolences for the victims, also to such barbaric acts in the strongest condemnation.

XI stressed that China has always opposed terrorism in all its forms, is ready to work with France and the international community to strengthen security cooperation in the common fight against terrorism, safeguarding peoples lives.