Saturday, November 21, 2015

Terrorist attack next in Brussels Belgium entered the highest State of alert

Terrorist attack next in Brussels? Belgium entered the highest State of alert

Streets of Brussels, Belgium soldiers on patrol. This picture for vision China Ling brother-in-law dismissal of Vice Mayor Wang

On November 21, the Belgium capital Brussels, heavily armed security forces patrolled the streets, subway shut down. Belgium's Prime Minister xiaer·mixieer (Charles Michel) disclosed the same day, the intelligence received "precise" information displays the Brussels region faces "Parisian" series of terrorist attack threats. In view of the current situation, Brussels terrorist attack alert level raised to the highest level 4.

Terrorist attack next in Brussels? Belgium entered the highest State of alert

Belgium Brussels Shuman subway station closed. Given that the security alert was elevated to the highest level, Belgium's capital Brussels, 21st all the subway stations closed.

Public transport the city outage

According to "Germany" on November 21, Belgium threat assessment coordination body (OCAM) reported that, according to a "review" shows that given the current situation, its terrorist attack alert level in the capital Brussels, turned to the maximum level 4. The rest of the country will continue to maintain a 3-level terrorist attack alert in response to "likely" or "very likely" attacks.

According to the German news agency quoted Belgium Prime Minister Mitchell report, Brussels, maintain the highest possible alert level is that there really is evidence that terrorists are prepared to use firearms and explosives in the capital city to implement a similar series of terrorist attacks in Paris a week ago.

Michelle also revealed that indications that terrorists have been planning attacks in Brussels, including crowded places such as shopping malls or public transport. In addition to raising the alert level to the highest level in addition to Belgium on Saturday in the capital's public transport is in a stopped state.

According to "Germany" voice of descriptions, in the Centre of Brussels, a number of large shopping malls closed, the entire shopping district was empty. Metro lines will be suspended until 15 o'clock on Sunday. At the train station, security officials stepped up inspections of passengers, there are a large number of soldiers on patrol. Surface architecture in Brussels Atomium tower closed to tourists. Sound/Check Music Festival, France singer Tim Halliday (Johnny Hallyday) concerts and football games were canceled.

United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that the Belgium government warned the public to avoid going to crowded places: include shopping malls, concert halls, large entertainment, and so on. All sporting events are all scheduled for weekend cancelled.

Belgium officials said Prime Minister Mitchell will reconvene Cabinet special security meeting on Sunday afternoon, deciding whether or not to reduce the terror alert level.

Terrorist attack next in Brussels? Belgium entered the highest State of alert

Belgium level rose to the highest level of safety and security, streets Belgium soldiers on patrol.

Spare no efforts to search for the perpetrator

Belgium is becoming a "den". Terrorist attacks in Paris last week, several participants came from Belgium. Police are still searching for at least one are believed to have fled back to Belgium named salahe·abudesilamu (Salah Abdeslam) men.

Counterterrorism sources told the "VOA (VOA)", Belgium's Prime Minister referred to Michelle "pretty accurate intelligence" including Paris attacks prime suspect has not been arrested salahe·abudesilamu, may be planning to blow themselves up in public in Brussels, Grand place in Brussels in may, or a central station.

European authorities have been at pains to search for hunting abudesilamu. The last time he was seen was in Paris on November 14 terrorist attack a few hours after the event, crossed the border into Belgium.

It was reported that numerous terrorist incidents in recent years, committing the jihadists came from Belgium. By population, Belgium was to travel to Syria to be "Jihad" than any other European country. It is estimated that Belgium's 11 million people, has about 500 people to the Middle East to participate in "Jihad" organization.

Terror expert at the Foundation for science and politics in Berlin difalaou (Asiem El Difraoui) for "Germany" said the Belgium authorities to monitor local extremists, prevention is an important cause of the lack. In addition, Belgium Flemish and French-speaking language area long-term domestic opposition, causing time to regard Islamic extremism in the country.

Difalaou believes that after the attack took place in Paris, Belgium Government should redouble its efforts to engage Muslims really integrate into the local society, which is the premise to eliminate the breeding ground for radical Islam in soil. He pointed out that, if that's what it takes, foreign to the Belgium pressed, "If Belgium so nothing is still in the future, France will never agree. "