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Miss Brooke s brain Akira Kurosawa s dreams and do not dance

Carrying Board of Japan youth into van Gogh painting all over the Crow's crop, saw van Gogh brush burning life, a look of reverence for laifangao coldly reproaches, current views should be incorporated into the paintings, should not be used as the lyrical background. This is Akira Kurosawa shot 80 in the movie dream the fifth dream, lost in a van Gogh painting of the young, young was determined to use open art of Akira Kurosawa. "Crop of dream" series seven dreams, reducing reflected experience of Akira Kurosawa, enlarged poured borrowed a movie of his life, reflections on the human condition and the plight of humanity. Ignore his film have reached the ripe old age of "solution of the dreams", just to see the explicit preaching collage.

Miss Brooke's brain, Akira Kurosawa's dreams and do not dance

Crop all over the Ravens in the dream.

Similarly, filters at Navigant, nine lives, to interpret his surprise Valley, thought irrelevant "who wonders," assessing master so much or many faltered, lyric more hate is strong, is heart-wrong pay misunderstanding, see him betting on small organisms and moist eyes. If don't understand "do not miss" Greek EU • Ji Lian age age of the dancers is extreme, from her world farewell tour can enjoy the life, may just be a Visual wonder, it is difficult to get to an associated routine better.

Three master of Arts on the respective senior completed three novels, both look back at their control, there is care for humans or cold or warm.

Looking back the control in mind Running chatting up caution United States CIA

Miss Brooke's brain, Akira Kurosawa's dreams and do not dance

Akira Kurosawa

"People who don't honestly say that they are, often under notable people to be honest about himself. Because no more than writer's work is to better illustrate the author's. "The conclusion of Akira Kurosawa's autobiography of the Toad's oil clear to readers and fans," the movie I controlled my life. "Kurosawa 13 year old came close to being shut Tokyo University earthquake claimed lives, life is the shadow of death. Warrior way, war is war, nuclear blast is bitter, blatant death haunt his life, betting on several of his films. The dream more to "death" summed up his experience with troubled calm waves on the surface.

The first dream "Sun shower" and the second dream "peach soul", sweet picture discussion on child deaths, especially in Dream boy, curiosity peeks Fox married woman, he was asked by his mother (like adult Warrior) to Seppuku rather than live. Three dreams "snow woman" four dreams "tunnel of the dead", young people in different times or traveling death death tested, or tear away has been sacrificed in the war but not with other soldiers in the world. Skip over heated sections of "crop of dream", six dream "Red Fuji" seven dreams "ogre", the hot lead and cold feet, as well as the future effects of nuclear explosions, as the master's biggest nightmare.

His masterpieces of Shakespeare's King Lear and Macbeth background changes, characters were fully taken into Japanese and the spider kumonosu j, is considered more brutal than Shakespeare's original work, because sadness deep.

At Navigant also see Shakespeare as a spirit guide. Shakespeare Weng life of Elizabeth times of plays revelation, "no set is plays most great of free of at", let he found "empty of space", with for against on plays invasion increasingly serious of television drama of sword, "stage more make have real empty nothing, on more close Yu such a stage, its light flexible vision of big, are is movie or TV by dust of. "And to Kurosawa took dream Shi age connection of mentality, view at Navigant 90 age directed of only 75 minutes of surprised of Valley, works simple rustic contains level the has read solutions, is is he years is committed to of, remove complex of not necessary of choreography obstacles, actor through looks at Yu details and action of performances, and audience forging a to segmentation relationship of carrier.

Miss Brooke's brain, Akira Kurosawa's dreams and do not dance

Peter Brook

At Navigant India myth epic adapted from up to 9 hours of landmark works of the moke Bharat compared this carrier medium, such as concerned with "synaesthesia" bizarre experience of the few of the surprise Valley, volume is light and more capture the energy of the audience. Actor in a Chair, piano, racks and other rare items, alternate identities on the audience's viewing angle of view seamless with. Interactive session invited the audience to participate in magic show, at Navigant, senior judge, of course, not unnecessary ploy to please the audience, but in a relaxed atmosphere, watching closer bond--in his perfection, reveals a return to innocence.

Master in the art of late in his career, four deflected his technical skill, in the Greek Cypriot EU • Ji Lian has support in the life. Based on his life, 50 years old is not old age but middle-aged dancers still have the incentive and ability to jump, less and less, Greek • Ji Lian Wei is one of them. Half of conservative maverick often challenges authority, as the "don't miss" her farewell performance Rally four short dance, all carefully chosen by her. To begin the ending of the farewell of the skills, the Greek Cypriot side • Ji Lian Wei from "peak" slowly jump back to the "original". The farewell in her floral print shirt and bright yellow skirt, haven't grown up girl is put it down but had to let go of the woman, containing everything cute and firm, as the Greek • Ji Lian Wei himself said, this dance was her reaction and experience cast her not give to live.

Cold or warm care record

In 1990, after the release of the dream, Akira Kurosawa film Rhapsody in August, during the Nobel literature prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Tokyo visited him. Two people talking about movies when it came to bomb, Kurosawa said "the world will never be happy. Nuclear power is beyond the scope can be controlled by humans. If any mistakes in the management of nuclear power, will lead to disastrous consequences, also left hundreds of generations of radioactive material. "Kurosawa allegorical concerns, fulfilled in 21 years-2011 Japan a 9-magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami and Fukushima nuclear power plant accidents caused by impact, and four years later is still difficult to assess. This concern in the dream, is not only the end of police: nuclear explosion survivors a few classes, or futile resistance, and cannot be, or into the beast, and to die is not.

Though Akira Kurosawa is far, solid human happiness for companionship, but the dream's dream "Xanadu", still gives light. Visit pastoral youth talk about happiness and centenarians living in the Holy Land of the standards, the old man said people in the world play a good part, they can die with a clear conscience, human beings due to the fantasy material greed, does not ask the actual demand. "Get in the hole we could see the stars of light. "Kurosawa, this bunch of unnecessary light will only reflect the shadows of human self-deception. Knowing that dream just "experimental field", he is still stubborn to "till", hoping to obtain, of course not shallow misunderstanding of the world.

Miss Brooke's brain, Akira Kurosawa's dreams and do not dance

The surprise Valley photos

Kurosawa pessimistic compared to human destiny, in surprise Valley at Navigant, is warm and calm eyes, specific attention to each of the humble little life, a broken leg Ant don't all disappear into the void, a grain of sand is not denied by the destruction of the world. The play the man with the 1992 and 1998 I was a phenomenon, and composition at Navigant trilogy of human nerves, brain research, take care of each other. As early as in the the man, he has clearly hinted that dramatis personae because of nerve problems encountered special troubles, but also ordinary people all the dysfunction problem. In the surprise Valley women story, derived from the I'm a phenomenon. Science by means of instruments revealed "synaesthesia people" the mystery of memory, failing to provide forgotten art. Women confused about the balance of memory and forgetfulness, is the ordinary of the most helpless in life balance issues.

At Navigant did not give a way to avoid imbalances. He borrowed from Persian poetry of the Conference of the birds, tell every individual on the exploration of important. And back in 1974 and in 1980, he took to the Conference of the birds fragments and totality are two ways onto the stage, which serves to cherish it. Birds in the chaos of the world across the seven Kings of the Valley looking for a symbol of truth, lose faith in some birds to die midway through survived eventually find themselves is the King. Fly search process is to understand the world and to recognize their own process. Human mirror introspection, spiritual exploration of the start and end points are attributed to itself.

And as the BBC interview • Ji Lian Wei said China and Greece, still for their beloved stage full of pride and passion in the end, change direction inputs to environmental protection is due to have a clear understanding of her own life. Regardless of the farewell seen at home, play crazy girl, or in age and time rush out the vicissitudes of woman, but could always be seen dancing with light and shadow when extension in the goodness of life. Tsai said the older the more know more like the dream, it is Kurosawa that age will shoot, film. At Navigant's surprise Valley and Greek Cypriot EU • Ji Lian of the life were so.

Miss Brooke's brain, Akira Kurosawa's dreams and do not dance

Greek Cypriot EU • Ji Lian